Dagu DG012-RP Multi-Chassis Rescue - Track Chassis with Drive and Encoders_

Battery operated track platform with a drive and an additional pair of tracks for negotiating obstacles. It allows to install a control system (e.g. Arduino board) and various sensors and modules in a very simple way.

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Track platform, works with AA batteries, with drive in the form of two DC motors with gear 48:1 and servos standard S06NF. An additional pair of tracks, controlled by a the servo, allows to overcome obstacles, e.g. climb the stairs. Integrated sensor system - enables precise motion control. Large surface with holes to install various sensors (e.g. distance measurement), modules and actuators (e.g. robotic arm).


The kit can be controlled using any microcontrol system with motor driver, for example, Arduino module with a connected unit TB6612Installation instructions and technical characteristics of the motors can be downloaded as pdf files.

Power supply is facilitated by an AA batteries containers (sold separately). The user can also use any battery, for example, a lipol pack and get rid of the container by removing the two screws.



Video about DAGU chassis' capabilities.



  • DC motors DG02S with gear 48:1
    • Power supply: 6 - 9 V
    • Current consumption: 125 mA ( 170 mA max.)
    • Rotation speed output: 65 ± 10 rpm
    • Torque output: 0,8 kg*cm (0,078 Nm)
    • Connection: red and black wire
  • Set of encoders for both motors
    • Supply voltage: 3 - 24 V
    • Current consumption: 4 mA sensor
    • Output: open drain
    • Connection:
      • red cable - power
      • black wire - ground
      • white wire - output signal
    • Check the documentation for details
  • The dimensions of the chassis:
    • Length: 272 mm
    • Width: 22 mm
    • Height: 60 mm
  • Wheel diameter: 52mm


Video about SparkFun chassis.

  • Chassis - wheels 4
  • Chassis - type tracked
  • Chassis + drive yes
  • Chassis + driver: no