RaspiRobot - robot controller for Raspberry Pi

Kit for self-Assembly, allows control of DC motors with the Raspberry Pi B and B+. Through the module you can create a robot controlled via minikomputer.

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Minikomputer Raspberry Pi can be a great option as the control unit functions of the robot. RaspiRobot is an expansion of the popular features of Raspberry in version B and B+. The Board allows to control devices needing a relatively large power, such as DC motors, which are necessary for the functioning of every robot. Connect usb devices directly to the minikomputera would help his damage.



The items in the corpus przewlekanej and large openings of the solder makes the kit easy to install even for beginners in electronics-robotyków. Electronic systems can be soldered even with a simple soldering iron grotowej.


The assembled module can be connected directly to a port GPIO minikomputera Raspberry Pi version B and B+. RaspiRobot allows you to manage:

  • DC motors in both directions
  • two outputs of open collector type,
  • LEDs,
  • two switches connected to the corresponding inputs.


Located on-Board voltage regulator provides power to the Raspberry Pi with battery voltages ranging from 7 V to 12 V (e.g. lithium polymer).


Library of Python facilitates the connection of the hardware with minikomputerem. Thanks to the combination with the RaspiRobot Board the Raspberry, the design can easily be controlled using the computer and even system apps Android or the web site.

Robot dla Raspberry Pi

In our offer we also have a chassis with motors and sensorsthat allow you to create a complete robot enter the drift, for example, track line line followera or omijającego obstacles reflected. For beginners Python we recommend the book the Raspberry Pi. The manual for developers of Python - Simon monk.



RaspiRobot with Raspberry Pi and chassis MAG (1:00).



  • Dual-channel, bidirectional driver DC motors
    • Voltage motor power supply: max 36 in
    • Current per channel: 0.6 A (1.2 A max short-term)
  • The voltage regulator minikomputer Raspberry Pi from batteries (7 - 12V)
  • Two outputs type open collector (max 25mA)
  • Two LEDs
  • Removed interface connector serial port - 5 Volt
  • Withdrawn bus connector I2C - 3.3 V
  • Easy to use library of Python


Set includes


Raspberry Pi B+

The module can be connected to Raspberry Pi B+ , leaving free additional GPIO connectors.



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