Thumb Joystick with button - SparkFun COM-09032*

A joystick similar to analog devices used for example in PlayStation 2 controllers. It has the possibility of detecting movement in two directions and the button is activated by pressing the handle. 

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A joystick similar to analog devices used for example in PlayStation 2 controllers. The detection of the direction of movement is done via two potentiometers - one (10 kΩ) for each axis. The device also has a button activated by pressing the handle.


To use the device sufficient is microcontroller with analog-to-digital converter (analogue input in the Arduino). Information about the position of the handle is transmitted via an analog signal, in which voltage corresponds to the given position. Each axis has a separate analog pin. The status of the button is detected via the digital output which, in case of activation, reaches a low status.


For Arduino users, the manufacturer has prepared a manual to connect together  with sample codeThe joystick can be used to control so-called gimbal used, for example, for cameras control in flying robots.



For your convenience, our offer includes PCB stand which allows for connecting the joystick to the breadboard or via wires. The module has pins in compatible with popular standard of the goldpin strap (2.54 mm).


Using the board to connect the joystick is reduced to the following pins:

  • VCC - supply voltage (3.3 V to 5 V).
  • GND - ground of the system.
  • VERT - the analog output for the vertical axis (in the middle position, the value is equal to half of the supply voltage VCC/2).
  • HORIZ - Analog output for the horizontal axis (in the middle position, the value is equal to half of the supply voltage VCC/2).
  • SEL - Digital signal button, in case of activation, it reaches the value of the GND, deactivated - is left unconnected (floating). In the case of using the button, the internal pulling-up resistor should be activated or an external element attached.



  • Because of the few-procent tolerance of the resistors, the middle value may not be equal to half the supply voltage (VCC/2). The manufacturer recommends measuring the voltage in the middle position and writing a permanent, rigid value in the program.


  • The joystick is a device of low power. It must be connected only to the inputs of high input impedance, for example, the ports of the microcontroller. Do not connect the device to the elements consuming a relatively large current: LEDs, motors - as this will damage the system.


  • Switch - type2 monostable
  • Switch - type Joystick
  • Switch - shape round
  • Switch - backlight no
  • Colour black
  • Length 25 mm
  • Width 25 mm
  • Height 35 mm
  • Raster 2.54 mm


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