Filaments in 3D printing

Filaments in 3D printing

Basis of successful 3D printing is chosse of right filament. What filaments you can buy and what you must to know in 3D printing?

Filamenty do druku 3D


To enjoying the print, just 3D printer is not enought for you. The material what you are using is very important in 3D printing. For each project you must chose right filament, which will fit particular solutions, printing techniques or temperatures.

In our store you can find a wide range of materials using in 3D printing, like:  PLAPLA ProABSSmart ABSPETGHIPS-X, and other, less popular. Learn more about filaments for 3D printing. 


How to choose the right filament for 3D printing?

Before we get into characteristics of specific filaments, it's worth finding out how to choose the right filament for your printout. Here, pay special attention to these three apsects: the type of printer, the item, which you want to print, and the amount thay you can spend of specific materials. 


Type of printer

Specifics filaments needs different temperature to printout. Before buying them, it is worth checking exactly what the temperature will be. Check if your 3D printer can warm up the hotend to the 300°C. If can, most of the available filaments are within your reach.


In addition to the temperature to which the printer hotend can warm up, it is important to heat the heatbed. It is important when working with filaments that are characterized by a large shrinkage of the material.


In our store you can find printers such producers as: Prusa Research, Dobot, Velleman, Creality, AnetZortrax and other.


Drukarka 3D - Dobot Mozz

What you want to print?

You should choose filaments depending on what you want to print. You can choose filaments that works in contact with food, or those that are perfect for printing details.



They also play a key role here. Filaments for 3D printing differ not only in terms of specific features, but also of the price. If you care about quality, you certainly have to count on a bigger expense.


Types of popular filaments to 3D printing. 

PLA - biodegradable filament

PLA is one of the most popular filaments, which is obtained, among others, from maize meal. Also it is environmentally friendly. Its advantages include high resistance to UV rays, or low moisture absorption. It is used, among others, for production of food packing, prototypes and props or figures. PLA is also used in medicine, inlcuding surgical sutures and implants. 


Filament PLA

ABS - cheap and durable 

Are you looking for cheaper materials? Learn more about ABS filament. It is the cheapest material and also one of the most used. Its advantages is lightness and durability. ABS is also great for printing items with lots of details. ABS is using for print spare parts for machines, protective elements, for production of pipes, as well as for any objects that are exposed to high temperatures. 


Filament ABS

HIPS - filament with addition of rubber

HIPS is characterized by high strenght and durability. HIPS material is using in production of helmets, prototypes, miniatures and also as a support for other printouts. Whats more, HIPS is safe in contact with food. 

Filament HIPS

PETG - durability above all

PETG is a filament, which is hard and also resistant to abrasion. It is used in printing, among others, holders and elements that are supposed to be resistant to greases or gasoline. Importantly, this material can work in water. 


Filament PETG


Choosing the right filament is a key decision for your comfort as well as the quality of the printout. Learn more about individual types of filaments, think about what you need and then make a good decision. In our shop you will find not only a wide range of 3D printing filaments, but also professional advice.