Wi-fi card for Raspberry Pi

In 2016, minikomputer Raspberry Pi versions of Zero, A+, B and B+, has a built-in Wi-Fi module. In the case of the earlier production series to combine the Rasperry Pi to a wireless network, you must connect the external adapter to a Wi-Fi adapter. Also for mini-computer is equipped with Wi-Fi module, in the case of an upshift, a good solution would be to use external network card. All our network card, Wi-Fi on Raspberry Pi, compatible with the operating system Raspbian and do not require extra drivers.

Wi-Fi is practical and convenient not only for entertainment purposes

Wi-Fi is one of the most popular technologies used in computer networks that allows users to wirelessly connect to the Internet from a computer, phone, tablet and other devices. In our time, also it is Wi-Fi router can connect to the network without using wires. The specified local network that connects to the Internet via the access point, which can be, in particular, the network card connected to the computer via USB. Wi-Fi provides data transfer and wireless communication device with an access point at a distance of up to approx. 50m - 100m depending on the environment in which the network operates. The Wi-Fi network created not only access points in private homes, but also access points in public buildings such as shopping malls, schools and restaurants. In addition, currently, in the era of developing technology, the Internet of things (IoT), Wi-Fi network is used for entertainment purposes only, or communication - with its help, you can also control various physical processes, such as, for example, control of the entrance gate to the site, lighting, manually operated and automated production processes in the factories.

Adapters and network cards, Wi-Fi on the Raspberry Pi

We offer network card, wi-fi standard IEEE 802.11 b/g/n and enables connection of the computer (including minikomputera Raspberry Pi) to a wireless network, providing fast connection. Depending on the model, the data transfer rate is 150MB/sec or 300MB/sec, which gives a high efficiency of multimedia devices used for online games, video live, as well as for calls via Internet (VoIP). Network card wifi for Raspberry Pi, compatible with the operating system Raspbian and do not require additional software. Buying from us Wi-Fi adapter, you will get a stable, high-speed Internet connection and, most importantly, wireless!