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The popular Raspberry Pi minicomputer in the improved versions (3 and Zero) with accessories is considered to be one of the most interesting and revolutionary inventions of recent years. It offers surprisingly small size and great capabilities. Raspberry Pi is a computer platform and a device which consists of a single printed circuit board. It was manufactured by Raspberry Pi Foundation and launched in 2012.


  • Raspberry Pi 4 B module and sets Raspberry Pi 4 B module and sets

    New version of the Raspberry Pi 4 model B . This version offers an faster microcontroller, more RAM (up to 4 GB ), two microHDMI ports and faster communication modules, including Gigabyte Ethernet. The minicomputer is also available in  board sets, modules ,...

  • Modules and kits Raspberry Pi 3 Bi+ (Plus) Modules and kits Raspberry Pi 3 Bi+ (Plus)

    Minikomputer Raspberry Pi in the latest version 3+ model B plus starter kit . The creation of the first minikomputera or system based on the Raspberry is a huge event for every master who want to start their adventure with automation, programming and komputeryzowaniem...

  • Modules and kits Raspberry Pi 3 B Modules and kits Raspberry Pi 3 B

    Minikomputer Raspberry Pi in the latest version 3 model B starter kits. Raspberry PI 3 his debut was in 2016. This is the third generation of this computer platform, which is an improvement of the previous two. It was a breakthrough in the company's activities, as well as a...

  • Modules and kits Raspberry Pi 3 A+ (Plus) Modules and kits Raspberry Pi 3 A+ (Plus)

    Minikomputer Raspberry Pi version 3 model A+ and starter kits .

  • Modules and kits Raspberry Pi Zero Modules and kits Raspberry Pi Zero

    Raspberry Pi was designed to educate and teach the basics of computerization and automatics. It was launched in 2012 and since then, it has gained satisfaction and trust of many customers who eagerly rely on the computing power of this minicomputer in their advanced projects....

  • Raspberry Pi Compute Module Raspberry Pi Compute Module

    A miniaturized version of the popular Raspberry Pi minicomputer for industrial applications. It has the capabilities of classic raspberry with interfaces derived from DDR2-SODIMM connectors. The offer includes Raspebrry Pi in CM version and the latest CM3 and CM3 plus.

  • Modules and kits Raspberry Pi 3 A+ B+ Modules and kits Raspberry Pi 3 A+ B+

    Minikomputer Raspberry Pi version 2 B, B+ and A+ and starter kits. Modules Raspberry Pi 2 B+ A+, that is a new version of the already well-known minikomputera in versions B and A. Thanks to numerous improvements they can replace desktop computers. Characterized by small size,...

  • Cases for Raspberry Pi Cases for Raspberry Pi

    Case designed for Raspberry Pi model 3, 2 and B+ and Zero and Zero . Your Raspberry PI may look unique, to be original and match... You. We offer You a classic case for the Raspberry PI with the original design. The wide range allows to choose the one that will...

  • Power Supply for Raspberry Pi Power Supply for Raspberry Pi

    The power supply network and automobile with output microUSB for Raspberry Pi 3, 2 and B+ . All electronic equipment will need constant access to a power source, regardless of whether it came from a stationary outlet or a portable battery.

  • HAT extension for Raspberry Pi HAT extension for Raspberry Pi

    A basic extension for Raspberry Pi 3 is not satisfactory? If so, choose  GPIO  extension boards which will broaden the possibilities of the platform. Advanced and ambitious projects don’t necessarily have to be limited to the schemes available online. An...

  • Cameras for Raspberry Pi Cameras for Raspberry Pi

    Cameras compatible with minicomputers  Raspberry Pi version 3 , 2 , B+ , A+ , B and A. the Products offered in this category will allow you to create an intelligent monitoring system or a variety of additional structures, using the camera for the Raspberry Pi ....

  • Screens for Raspberry Pi Screens for Raspberry Pi

    Displays , LCD screens , TFT , touch panel for Raspberry Pi . The creation of a small computer with unlimited possibilities, which can be adapted for almost all the action was the dream of all professionals for decades! These dreams just come to life, along with the...

  • Gaming Pi - konsele do gier z Raspberry Pi Gaming Pi - konsele do gier z Raspberry Pi

    Sets based on minikomputerze Raspberry Pi, which allow you to create units for video games, for example slots, or retro console in the style of "slot machine" with games like Mario, or popular tanks.

  • Books about Raspberry Pi Books about Raspberry Pi

    Books describing the work of minicomputer Raspberry Pi together with exemplary programs.

  • Memory Cards for Raspberry Pi Memory Cards for Raspberry Pi

    Raspberry Pi is gaining popularity among developers and designers around the world. The simple layout with a huge capacity, is used in almost all fields for education and for the production of very complex circuits – therefore it is necessary to ensure that the memory...

  • Cables Raspberry Pi Cables Raspberry Pi

    Leads for connecting devices audio and video minikomputera Raspbery Pi 2 and B+.

  • Heatsinks and Screws for Raspberry Pi Heatsinks and Screws for Raspberry Pi

    You have created a wonderful project based on the Raspberry Pi , which requires deep technical knowledge and programming skills? You should take care that the structure is solid, stable and possess professionalism. Invite after mounting the Raspberry Pi in the best...

  • USB accessories for Raspberry Pi USB accessories for Raspberry Pi

    Network cards, mice, keyboards, hubs or other USB devices that are compatible with the Raspberry Pi 3, 2 and B+.

  • Prototyping with Raspberry Pi Prototyping with Raspberry Pi

    Tile concept, radiators, wire, legs and other accessories that are compatible with Raspberry Pi 2 and B+

Products by page

Products by page

Raspberry Pi - automation, robotics and unlimited possibilities

With the use of the advanced Raspberry Pi modules, everyone can create constructions and designs that will revolutionize the technology market. Do you want to control roller shutters in your home with your smartphone, and your ambitions don't allow you to buy a standard smart home system? If so, you can create simple systems by yourself with the use of advanced modules and linear actuators. Moreover, you don't need to confine yourself only to your home, as the equipment available in this category will also enable you to automate a car or even a motorcycle. Wouldn’t it be great to surprise everyone with your vintage car and its boot flap rising when you move your foot under the bumper just like in brand new vehicles from top manufacturers? There’s nothing simpler! Preparing such a set with the use of Raspberry Pi boards and kits will be wonderfully simple and pleasant even for amateurs! Automation systems are not particularly complicated and demanding, so even with a basic minicomputer with not very impressive parameters you will be able to create something that will make your lives easier. For more ambitious and advanced constructors or designers we have prepared products that are even more efficient and thanks to them, creating an innovative robotic arm or a rover with impressive capabilities is just a piece of cake.

Boards and kits for Raspberry Pi - education and the beginning of the adventure

Beginnings can be difficult, especially if you have never had a chance to get to know the secrets of computerization. That’s why especially for our customers we have prepared Raspberry Pi kits which contain everything necessary to build for instance a weather station. But maybe you prefer to start your adventure with some theory? It is a good idea that will help you to avoid wasting both money and time. You don’t need to learn by trial and error anymore, in our offer you can also find the finest books about Raspberry Pi with many important details. Even professionals should take advantage of information provided in the literature as it can serve as an excellent source of inspiration for the future struggle with electronics!