Bluetooth modules

Although the standard for wireless communication using the bluetooth modules have been known for several years, and its development continues uninterrupted since 1994, then later it is used in most devices that require connection without the use of wires. Connection and wireless data transfer on short distances, most often used via mobile phones, GPS systems, wireless headset systems and many other gadgets.

Products by page

Products by page

Wanting to start your adventure with robotics, remote control and creation of complex systems, is familiar with the wireless technology, which can be invaluable. To meet all the masters, we present the bluetooth modules, which offer, in particular, compatible with Arduino, Raspberry or have a USB connector so they can be only the additional equipment.

Bluetooth other each constructor

Wanting to control your robot or device at home, which was established on the basis of Arduino or Raspberry, it must have a communication system and to provide the ability to transmit and receive data or commands, so, equipping it with Wi-Fi interface or bluetooth is required.

For simple designs and schemes that will be supported from a close distance, and their work will not be difficult (for example, light with dimmable and color settings), is quite compact bluetooth modulethat will connect to the controller. More advanced and powerful projects that have the ability to control and inform the user using, for example, mobile phones must be equipped with a Wi-Fi system in our product range You will find products that also support wireless connection Wi-Fi).

If you want to fulfill your dream of building home automation systems or robotics, don't wait! Select the prerequisites that are required to work and start designing hardware BOTLAND!