Bluetooth good cheating on all segments of consumer electronics. Ranging from basic mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) through smart watches and radars, and smart home controllers and sound devices, ending. For many years the big disadvantage of Bluetooth devices was pretty significant current consumption and low transmission rate. From the moment when he saw the light of Bluetooth Low Energy is devoted to niskomocowych devices and wearable network-BAN (eng. Body Area Network), Bluetooth device again became popular. We know how attractive is the opportunity to communicate the newly designed device with a mobile phone or a computer, so in our range we offer many great modern Bluetooth modules.

Products by page

Products by page

Bluetooth LE – Sinozęby back on the attack

Bluetooth Designers modules and protocols of wireless communication understand, what are the current trends in the development of devices from the segment of electronics everyday use, and because of this, do greatly contribute to the formation of tomorrow's technology. And what to do, since the real boom in IoT enforce certain new solutions, leading to the minimization of energy consumption, increase the transmission range or increase the level of data security. Since the market launch of the official specifications and the first modules that implement technology-BLE 4.0, every year we learn about the next version of Bluetooth, removing the settings links, offering a new device profiles.

The Bluetooth modules for installation in target devices

In our assortment you will find a wide selection of Bluetooth modulesadapted to wmontowania in the target design. They like items that are designed for soldering directly to the PCB, and the finished modules containing (in addition to the module (radio), as well as the necessary power supply, digital connectors, antennas, and even microcontrollers. An example of such a miniature module, which is great for target realization, is the miniature module Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE 4.0) NRF51822. Wlutowanie directly on the PCB of the designed device is possible in his case, solder pads, located on three of the four edges of the plate 21x17 mm. interestingly, the module even has a built-in antenna mikropaskową made in the form of a special track, on the upper surface of the module main Board. So you don't need to worry about maintaining a tightly controlled impedance, which is necessary to obtain the desired parameters of the link.

Bluetooth – tile evaluation and pads

If you are just starting a project and want to almost see the software support Bluetooth module, choose one of the largest, specially-equipped goldpin connectors. A striking example of this is a well-known and popular module HC-05 v2 with corner plinth goldpin, to facilitate connecting, for example, with Arduino or Raspberry Pi Board from the STM32 Discovery. If you are looking for even easier solution, ready to run immediately after connecting the power, select one of the base plates, compatible with the Arduino on Board module BLE 4.0 (very attractive example of such boards is the Bluno Mega 1280 BLE firms DFRobot).