Bluetooth is a technology necessary for the functioning of basic electronic devices today. It is a standard of wireless communication characterized by short range. It provides communication between two electronic devices, often a desktop computer and a mouse, a keyboard, speakers or webcam, as well as a laptop and peripheral accessories. Bluetooth is also used in building automation systems and advanced audio devices. A revolution in this area was the emergence of the Bluetooth Low Energy standard, which will significantly reduce the current consumption of Bluetooth devices and increase the speed of data transmission. The great popularity of Bluetooth has caused that we use it in practically all aspects of our life, which concerns electronic devices. Our offer includes Bluetooth modules, thanks to which you can broaden the possibilities of many devices and systems. They differ not only in parameters but also in their intended use.

Products by page

Products by page

Bluetooth built-in modules. Built-in Bluetooth into your device!

Our offer includes Bluetooth modules adapted to be built into the target devices in which they are to be used. They differ in design, which translates into smaller and larger possibilities of use. You can opt for modules designed for soldering and mounting directly on a PCB. We also recommend ready-to-use kits that contain everything you need to use the module, including radio modules as well as antennas, power circuits, digital connectors and microcontrollers. Particularly noteworthy is the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE 4.0) NRF51822 module, which is equipped with soldering pads, so you can solder it directly into the PCB. The pads are placed on the three edges of the PCB measuring 21x17 mm. It is worth mentioning that it is a set that includes an integrated microstrip antenna. It has been given the form of a special path on the upper surface of the board. This way there is no need for strict impedance control, which is indispensable for obtaining proper parameters of the link.

Bluetooth modules for beginners

Bluetooth modules for some may turn out to be complicated in construction and operation at the stage of creating and implementing electronic projects. For the first projects we recommend Bluetooth modules, which are additionally equipped with goldpin connectors, which make it much easier to connect the module to the boards, including Raspberry Pi and Arduino. Noteworthy is the HC-05 v2 module, which is often chosen by people who are just starting to use Bluetooth modules. However, this is not the simplest solution available in our store. If you want a module ready to start immediately after connecting to the power supply, we recommend base plates that have a BLE 4.0 module on board.

Bluetooth Low Energy

Bluetooth Low Energy technology is one of the most important areas of the Internet of Things, the so called IoT. Until recently, Bluetooth technology was only used for short-range wireless communication in consumer devices. Nowadays, its scope of application has significantly expanded. The Internet of Things (IoT) systems increasingly use BLE protocols, so they can implement more and more advanced functionality in systems from the industrial area. This is a technology which has found its application in aviation, power engineering, automotive, building automation and health care, among others. We constantly observe an increase in the share of Bluetooth in the Internet of Things systems. It is a technology that has a large share in industry and everyday devices and systems.

Check the Bluetooth modules available in our store! These modules are intended for installation in target devices as well as ready-made sets for beginners. Compare parameters and match them to your project and device.