DJI educational robots

The flagship products of the company DJI is a complete robot, which provides an understanding of the practical elements of mathematics, physics and programming in an accessible form, and also have a positive impact on konstruktorską the creativity of both Amateur and professional it is interesting robotics in any form. Advanced design and specialized software with the ability to change the user level do robots DJI evolving tool with great potential in education.

RoboMaster - build, run, open!

The modular design of the robot RoboMaster S1 allows him to build a “bitmap”, including this set of bolts and wires. Built-in processor with high computing power capable of meeting the video from the onboard cameras with the maintenance of its high quality and low latency while overcoming even the most curved trajectory. The robot responds to the transmitted orders without delay. Also on Board are LEDs that perform the function of determining the trajectory of a missile, in the form of gel beads, and direction of the beam of infrared rays emitted LEDs IR Blastera. In the design of the robot has also a two-axis mechanical gimbal with brushless motor, which allows precise adjustment of the tilt angle FPV camera in a wide range of pan and tilt gives a very clear and steady image. Drive the robot is a brushless motor M3508I - thanks to the use of linear Hall sensors and advanced control system with a closed feedback, the robot can navigate safely, with high accuracy and stability. Torque, reaching 250mNm 12 is transmitted to the four-wheel Mecanum roller. With the idea of a competition of robots built-in intelligent armor detects a kick by the bearing of the enemy and sends this information to the judicial system.

Cooperation robot programming for beginners and advanced

RoboMaster robot S1 represents a sort of link between the world of digital technology and directly around us the real world. The robot company DJI uses the programming languages Scratch and Python, giving the user the possibility of learning the basics of mathematics, physics and other technical Sciences innovative and inspiring way. This is a convenient solution for beginners in the world of programming embedded systems, and people more experienced who want to expand their programming skills and create objects based on artificial intelligence.