Accessories for drones

Flight operations and be able to show the complex evolution of this great advantages of drones. However, it can be assumed that these devices would not take even parts of such a huge popularity, if their use was limited only for these two functions. Meanwhile, the drones in a very good way to share latest achievements in the field of video and multimedia, providing its users access to previously unimaginable prospects wideofilmowania. In this category you will find the most interesting accessories for drones.

Products by page

Products by page

Video stream from the height of bird flight

Many models of drones, equipped with high quality cameras that allow you to register images, training videos and documentation. But that's not all – if zaopatrzysz in the multimedia glasses available in our store, you will accompany a product during its mission, observing the surroundings from the point of view of a flying car. FPV glasses allow you to observe from the earth the images that the drone "sees" at the moment (abbreviation FPV means, however, First Person View, i.e. – literally – the first person). Depending on the design of multimedia glasses have one (as FPV glasses Yuneec SkyView) or two Windows (glasses FPV and DJI DJI Glasses Goggles Racing), only the image, with unusual realism – with a resolution of 720 p or 1080 p. Aspect ratio of 16:9 that allows to obtain a panoramic image, and the viewing angle is over 75o to 85o.

Universal and comfortable goggles FPV

We offer multimedia glasses serve a wide range of models designs flying. This is especially important for people who expect accessories for drones will be able to use during the execution of the various missions. And so: models, recommended for use with drone Yuneec Typhoon and Tornado H Yuneec H920 is also suitable for DJI Phantom, while the DJI Points cooperate not only with the series, DJI Inspire, Phantom, and Mavic, but also with other devices with which they are connected via HDMI. Because of this, they can accompany You even when you return the drone on the shelf – if you want to play games or watch movies. All models FPV goggles available in our store are user-friendly design – this will have special importance during long sessions in the virtual world. The most luxurious version of PTS multimedia, in addition, leather trim.

Intuitive motion control drone

FPV glasses for the DJI production contain another functionality is interesting from the point of view of the users of drones: the Flight modes, Head Tracking and Head Tracking Gimbal. The first of these makes flying device can be controlled in the most intuitive way – using the head movement (sideways, up or down). And the second facilitates the control of the location of the gimbala installed in the construction of remote controlled models. Glasses also offer a number of intelligent flight modes, recommended for various applications: Terrain Flow, ActiveTrack, TapFly, film and Tripod.