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Electronics and robotics are fields that connect two different worlds. The first, slightly closer to modern man, and the second, more distant, that is, a world in which reflections and work on artificial intelligence have been conducted for years. Robotics is a field of science derived largely from electronics. Requires knowledge of mechanics, computer science, automation and cybernetics.

Are you a programmer interested in electronics? Do you want to build your own machine or just a ‘simple’ device for controlling blinds, light or another intelligent home system? Or maybe you are looking for a great gift for the your little loved ones that will teach them many useful skills? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above question, it is a sign that Botland store is just for you!

Botland is a shop for robotics, where it will find the necessary equipment, accessories and parts to realize your hobby. Thanks to our products, e.g. Arduino, Raspberry tiles, it will be possible to create small projects and build a versatile, intelligent robot! Botland is also a suitable electronic store for professional electronics, mechanics and everyone who needs the right equipment and parts for their daily work or repair of specific devices.

Botland – electronics for young robotics and more

The system of values ​​and interests is being formed already in the very early years of development. Therefore, children's passions should be developed as soon as possible. Therefore, we offer Lego robots and sets for the youngest robotics. Such products will be a great start to the adventure with programmable electronics. They will teach children many useful skills and broaden their horizons.

It is worth paying attention to MakeBlock - sets of robots that were created to learn programming and Dobot robots. The purchase of programmable electronics start boards (e.g. Arduino Uno Starter Kit) will also be a great solution.

Our robotics store supports small and large electronics enthusiasts. In our offer you will also find educational sets, books and courses. We give you a compendium of knowledge and ready-to-use tools!

Check us out! Electronic components – Botland online store will provide you with every element you need for your project!

Botland online electronics store – wide range of products

We are a company operating in the industry for many years, which allowed us to create a comprehensive offer individually tailored to the needs of the modern customer. We offer you the purchase of all electronic parts you need to carry out projects. At Botland you will find: computer accessories, sensors, batteries, diodes, converters, magnets, cameras and recorders, programmers, cables, connectors, relays, displays (e.g. with e-paper technology), prototype boards, memory cards and disks, integrated circuits , tablets and smartphones, as well as mounting elements for mechanics, engines and stabilizers.

We work with many leading tool manufacturers on the domestic and global market. We also offer servos and accessories for them. We sell high quality screwdrivers, measuring devices, tool sets (soldering irons, oscilloscopes, various meters, etc.) and organizers. You will also find various sets of Raspberry Pi (modern minicomputers) as well as popular Arduino modules, Arduino covers and sensors.

Check our entire offer now! The world of programmable electronics is amazing - once you get to know it, it will become your hobby forever!