FORBOT KIT - basic of electronics 2 - set of elements + ON-LINE course*

Continuation of the popular course "Basic Electronics". Set includes items in electronic form, necessary to perform the tasks described on our website Included are, in particular, the transmitter and the IR receiver, comparator, Zener diodes, micro servo and a AA batteries along with the container. All packed in a handy box.

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Continuation of the popular course "Basic Electronics". Set includes items in electronic form, necessary to perform the tasks described on our website Included are, in particular, the transmitter and IR-receiver, a comparator, a rectifier diode, Zener diode, micro servo, voltage system and AA batteries, along with container and many other elements. All packed in a handy box.



The kit also includes a unique code, by which you can, in particular:

  • confirm the originality of the product
  • receive information about the latest news and updates on the course
  • in the future, get access to new content and quick help on the forum.


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Create an object sensor, charger for phone, driver for servo modeling and much more! All necessary data are given in articles available on – a bit of theory, a large dose of practice, along with photos and illustrations.


Go to the free course

The course about the basics of electronics based on the elements of this set is on the In our offer you will find also other sets to which lessons are conducted on this portal.



For performing exercises, you need also items used during the course of electronics level I (for beginners). Before you start to do exercises of the following articles, make sure that you have both sets.


The outline of the course

The course was divided into 12 parts, which will be published regularly during the coming weeks. The frequency of the publications depends on Your participation and the number of comments.


L. p.The name of the episodeStatus
1The contentAvailable
2Comparators of voltageAvailable
3Buttons, RGB LEDs, reed switchAvailable
4Darlington's SystemAvailable
5Unipolar transistors (MOSFET)Available
6PWM controllingAvailable
7Integrated infrared receiverAvailable
8Introduction to the NE555Available
9The object sensor, servo driverAvailable
10Pulse converters Available
11Analog sensorsAvailable
12Source linkAvailable
13TEST, summaryAvailable


All packed in a convenient chest. The set includes a pencil with the logo of the website

Recommended application – not included

In addition, we recommend that you also set the pocket "cheat sheets", which summarizes the main details discussed during the course of electronics, level II.



View the detailed description of the set of pocket

boards for the course about fundamentals of electronics, level II "

The contents of the set

Set includes electronic components, thanks to which you will be able to perform in practice all the exercises. All parts are supplied in the sachets, which are placed in convenient, versatile chest.


1Basket for 4 AA batteries with switch and cover.
2Four AA batteries - popular large fingers.
3Resistors 56 Ohm - 1/4 W through hole 30 pieces.
4Resistors 470 Ohms - 1/4 W through hole 30 pieces.
5 Resistors of 1 MOhm - 1/4 W through hole 30 pieces.
6USB connector to the Breadboard with soldered connectors.
7IR receiver TSOP31236 - operating at a frequency of 36 kHz.
8The single-channel comparator LM311 in housing THT.
9Button of tact switch type, suitable for the holes of the breadboard
10Phototransistor L-53P3C in the housing 5 mm with the maximum sensitivity to waves at a frequency of 940 nm.
11IR transmitter LIRED3B in the housing 3 mm, and emits the wave with length of 940 nm.
12Led 5 mm multi-color RGB with shared anode.
13Photoresistor 5-10 kΩ GL5616 - a simple light intensity sensor.
14Servo, type micro - a simple engine with built-in system controlled with frequency of 50 Hz. The pivoting angle of horn is about 160 degrees. The appearance of servo may vary from photo depending on the batch of the set.
15Buzzer FY248 23mm 3-18V in the case - a simple sound generator.
16Contact magnetic reed switch - short-circuits contacts when approaching the magnet (included).
17Universal time system NE555 in THT housing.
18Converter step-up/step-down - S7V7F5 5V 1A with soldered connectors.
19The source of voltage reference, LM385Z-2.5 is 2.5 V.
20Ferrite magnet Y30 - 20x3mm - for a set with magnetic reed switch.
21NTC thermistor 110 47kΩ 5% - a simple temperature sensor.
22Bipolar transistor NPN Darlington MPSA29 100 V / 0.8 A
23Rectifier diode 1N4148 - 10 pcs.
24The monolithic capacitor 10nF/50V - 10 pcs.
25The monolithic capacitor 470nF/63V 10 PCs
26Zener diode 0.5 W 3.3 V - 10 pcs.
27Chest for carrying items of kit.



  • StarterKit - module: not require
  • StarterKit - subject electronics
  • Test: 2


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