FORBOT KIT - Raspberry Pi 4B 4GB + 32GB microSD + course ON-LINE*

Created by, the set for the Raspberry Pi course. It contains all the necessary components, including the latest version of the extremely popular minicomputer of Raspberry Pi 4B, power supply, designed case, memory card, HD video camera, HDMI - microHDMI cable, as well as electronic components.

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Product description: Educational set of  FORBOT with a Raspberry Pi 4B 4 GB of RAM + 32 GB microSD

The Raspberry Pi is , without a doubt, the most popular single-board computer. The set is designed for users who want to meet raspberry in practice. Making, step by step, all the exercises, together with the author support and other members of the forum support, enables you to learn the basics necessary for a smooth operation with minicomputer. From system installation through advanced configuration and to move freely around the system, up to practical projects, using embedded in the raspberry, GPIO. The course will also discuss the useage of the attached to the set, HD camera and a range of electronic components!

forbot zestaw

The course was created for those who want to plunge into the incredibly interesting and showing the vastness of opportunities, the world of the Raspberry Pi, and, most importantly, they want to learn it from the practical side! By doing subsequent lessons, you can get to know the work on the operating systemsfrom  Linux and scoop up a handful of knowledge on the incredibly popular scripting language which is Python (to control GPIO).


The set includes the latest Raspberry Pi 4B, in the version of 4 GB!

Zestaw raspberry pi 4b forbot

The elements of the educational FORBOT Raspberry Pi 4B.

The aim of the course is to present the most important information in the practice so that every beginner could easily use a RaspberryPi computer.

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On is the course based on the elements of this set. In our offer you will find also kits for other courses such as: fundamentals of electronics, soldering, Arduino, manufacturing of robots and STM32 - check the list of kits "

The outline of the course

The course was divided into parts, which are published on the website Below are all the lessons that comprise the course.

To perform the exercises from a course does NOT require knowledge of the Raspberry Pi, Linux and programming. Welcome the basics of electronics, for example, of course FORBOT.

L. p.The name of the episodeStatus
1Introduction, contentsAvailable
2What is the popular raspberry?Available
3Case, radiators, cameraAvailable
4Installation of the system with NOOBs, RPi as a PCAvailable
5Installation of the system through UART Available
6Installation/communication through the networkAvailable
7Remote access: VNC, SCP, RSA keysAvailable
8Work in console, Linux basicsAvailable
9The editors of the texts, games console cont.Available
10Camera, images, image transmissionAvailable
11Videos, slowmotion, timelapseAvailable
12The basics of GPIO, scriptsAvailable
13PWM, inputs, scripts with a cameraAvailable
14The basics of Python, GPIOAvailable
15DS18B20 temperature sensor Available
16PWM, inputs, camera in PythonAvailable
17Summary, start of a series of projectsAvailable
18The sequel to » the course of The Raspberry Pi, II level (projects)Available

The contents of the set

The kit includes, i.a. the latest Raspberry Pi 4B, in version of 4 GB, memory card (32 GB, class 10) with the reader, power supply with the USB - type C (5 V, 3 A), universal, case, USB / UART converter , network cable and a set of radiators, the original Raspberry Pi HD camera (8 Mpx), an HDMI - microHDMI cable, a small breadboard, connection cables and a full set of electronic components (LEDs, resistors, module of buzzer, button, temperature sensor). All of these elements will be used in the practical exercies connected to the GPIO.


The kit also allows you to perform exercises from the series » Course of the Raspberry Pi, II level (projects)

The set also includes a unique code, thanks to which:

  • you will confirm the originality of the product
  • you will receive information about the latest news and updates of the course
  • in the future, you will get access to new contents and quicker help on the forum.

Pudełko z zestawem forbot raspberry pi 4b

Box set educational FORBOT Raspberry Pi 4B.

Botland is the official distributor of the minicomputer Raspberry Pi in Poland. Buying from us, you get the guarantee of obtaining original minicomputer together with high-quality components. In addition, you support Raspberry Pi charity, therefore you are helping in the development of the new version of the popular Raspberry.

  • StarterKit - module: Raspberry Pi
  • StarterKit - subject Raspberry Pi
  • UC - RAM 4 GB
  • UC - core 4. Quad Core
  • UC - Digital pins: 40
  • UC - External memory SD card
  • UC - freq: 1.5 GHz
  • UC - Ethernet: yes
  • UC - WiFi: yes
  • UC - USB: 2x USB 3.0 + 2x USB 2.0
  • UC - microSD yes


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