Set of resistors SMD 0805 - 1500pcs.*

Kit of 30 values of resistors with a tolerance of 5 %, 50 pieces of each. The items in the case SMD0805.

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Product description: Set of SMD resistors 0805 - 1500pcs.

A collection of 30 popular values of the resistors with a tolerance of 5% in the SMD 0805 cases, useful in the workshop of roboticist and electronic engineer. Resistors are packed in separate described bags. Everything is in a cardboard box for easy storage. In our offer, we have also the resistors that are sold in small quantities.

Zestaw rezystorów SMD 0805

A set of resistors SMD 0805

The set consists of the following values:


CapacityToleranceCaseThe amount
Ω5 %SMD080550 pcs.
1.5 Ω5 %SMD080550 pcs.
10 Ω5 %SMD080550 pcs.
22 Ω5 %SMD080550 pcs.
39 Ω5 %SMD080550 pcs.
120 Ω5 %SMD080550 pcs.
200 Ω5 %SMD080550 pcs.
1.2 kΩ5 %SMD080550 pcs.
1.5 kΩ5 %SMD080550 pcs.
2,4 kΩ5 %SMD080550 pcs.
3.3 kΩ5 %SMD080550 pcs.
3,9 kΩ5 %SMD080550 pcs.
4,3 kΩ5 %SMD080550 pcs.
5,6 kΩ5 %SMD080550 pcs.
9,1 kΩ5 %SMD080550 pcs.
10 kΩ5 %SMD080550 pcs.
15 kΩ5 %SMD080550 pcs.
22 kΩ5 %SMD080550 pcs.
33 kΩ5 %SMD080550 pcs.
47 kΩ5 %SMD080550 pcs.
51 kΩ5 %SMD080550 pcs.
75 kΩ5 %SMD080550 pcs.
100 kΩ5 %SMD080550 pcs.
120 kΩ5 %SMD080550 pcs.
150 kΩ5 %SMD080550 pcs.
220 kΩ5 %SMD080550 pcs.
270 kΩ5 %SMD080550 pcs.
470 kΩ5 %SMD080550 pcs.
510 kΩ5 %SMD080550 pcs.
1.5 MΩ5 %SMD080550 pcs.


The quantitative tolerance: +/- 2 %.



  • Nominal power 0.125 W
  • RLC - Resistance różne
  • RLC - Tolerance 5 %
  • RLC - Type SMD/THT SMD
  • Test 3


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