3-axis magnetometer, digital MAG3110*

3-axis magnetometer in a small case DFN. Measuring range: ±1000 uT. Sensitivity at 0.1 uT. The communication interface is I2C bus.

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Obudowa magnetometru MAG3110Specification

  • Power supply: 1,9 5V - 3,6 V
  • 3 axis: XYZ
  • Measuring range: ±1000 uT
  • Sensitivity: 0,1 uT
  • Communication interface: I2C (Fast mode, 400 kHz)
  • Mode of low consumption of current
  • Case: DFN 10-pin (2 x 2 x 0.85 mm)

Details in the documentation.


In our offer, we have also a module with magnetometer.

The wiring diagram

Schemat podłączenia akcelerometru MAG3110

For correct operation of the system, the necessary are the filtering capacitors and resistors pulling up the lines of the I2C bus.