VEX Classroom Lab Kit

An education kit, which includes: mechanical parts, motors (DC motors and servos), sensors, and Central control unit (microcontroller with Cortex M3).

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What is VEX?

VEX Robotics Design System is a platform that allows users to see the problems that may arise in the design of modern structures. The system enables development in many fields of modern technology including: mechanics, physics, electronics or programming. Clear documentation and numerous examples make the process of learning through practice becomes a pleasure.


A set of educational VEX-this offer is for individual clients and for student laboratories. The presence of elements in AutoDesk allows you to create any design. During construction, the user learns the basic concepts and the mechanical. Come environment allows you to create programs in both the popular C language, like a simple ladder system.


VEX Robotics Design System is a great way to decorate University class. The product is passed the exam in the States of North America, where students have the opportunity to test their designs in specially organized tournaments. One of the competitors is SweptAway in which the task of the robots is to flip properly the ball on the opponent's side (video below).



What's in the kit?

1. Elements to create a robot Protobot.

The design proposed by the company VEX to participate in the competition SweptAway (video above). It's a wheel with bracket, designed to capture balls. The drive are DC motors in combination with the main module via the corresponding drivers. Protobot is a great way to get acquainted with the opportunities offered by the platform. Installation of parts facilitates an illustrated manual (eng).
Design Protobot. Educational offer from VEX. The robot can participate in the competition of SweptAway. Boom with swivel mechanism allows you to keep lifting and flipping balls.

2. The main module

  • The heart of the system is a microcontroller series is equipped with a STM32 32-bit ARM Cortex M3.
  • Installed wireless network VEXnet allows remote control of the implemented design with the joystick.
  • The module has the following wyprawadzenia
    • 8 ports for connection of 3-wire VEX motors,
    • 2 port to connect a 2-wire VEX motors,
    • 1 port I2C interface ( you can, for example, maintenance of sensors, including accelerometers and gyroscopes),
    • 2 serial UART port (allowing, for example, data exchange with the computer)
    • 8 analog inputs (connected with matrix A/C)
    • 12 inputs/outputs General przezneczania (GPIO) with the ability to use as external interrupts.
  • Programming of the microcontroller allow supplied environment easyC and ROBOTC.
The basic module with STM32F103 microcontroller series.


3. Joystick

Acting as a USB cable, as Wireless VEXnet controller has, among other things:

  • 2 analog knobs,
  • 8 buttons on the front,
  • 4 buttons in the back
  • built-in accelerometer.



4. The set of elements of mechanical

  • The kit allows the construction of complex mechanisms, including:
  • systems performing linear motion
  • layouts, carrying out the movement of the corner
  • drives of the differential (differential)
  • obtain high gear ratios using worm gear samohamownych

Set of elements for the realization of complex mechanical systems.


5. A set of gears and chains

Gears of various sizes allow you to create a mechanical system about the different gear ratios. Chains provide torque transmission at a relatively large distance. Set includes 14 wheels on the panel in five different sizes.

A set of fourteen gears and chains.


6. Servo

The servo is a type of drive that seeks initial position. The range of rotation of about 100 degrees.

The VEX servo.


7. A set of buttons

Two large buttons can be pressed with great force, without succumbing to the damage. The signal of the pressed button can be used as external interrupt our database.


Click" bumper-switch.


8. A set of sensors end positions

The kit includes two sensors, limit switches, generating interrupts to the external database. Layouts are useful for limiting movement of the mechanical elements, collision detection, etc.



Sensors, limit switches VEX.


9. Three-wire cables

Divisors and przewody to extend the connection to the motor or servo:

  • 2 extension cables, length: 15cm.
  • 2 extension cables length: 30cm.
  • 1 extension cable length: 60cm.
  • 1 extension cable length: 90cm.
  • 2 splitters (Y) length: 15 cm


Wires and plugs included in skłąd set.


10. Adapter VEXnet wireless USB, USB cable A-A

Adapter for wireless connectivity (802.11 b/g) between the joystick and main unit. USB cable type A-A is used for connecting devices compatible with a USB standard, including the VEX Joystick.


Adapter VEXnet wireless USB (left) USB cable (right).


11. Battery NiMH 200mAh 7.2 V with charger

Battery 7.2 V NiMH, capacity 2000 mAh, with the possibility of multiple charging.

The charger allows you to charge all the VEX batteries (NiCd, NiMH, 7.2 V, 9.6 V). Has the function of automatic completion of the charging process. The charger also includes a power cable.


Charger(left) and NiMH battery (right).


12. Container emergency battery



Element that allows you to easily mount and connect the popular 9V battery.



13. A set of additional elements mechanical

About 600 additional elements, allowing to create complex structures, mechanical. Set includes:

  • steel plate 25 x 25 x 2 mm
  • 14 steel profiles
  • 6 steel corners
  • 18 other steel mounting
  • gears,
  • shafts
  • screws
  • nuts

14. Construction kit tracked vehicle



Elements to build a robot on driven tracks. Included among other things: track, wheels, pulleys, necessary screws and nuts




15. User documentation


The guide contains technical characteristics and methods of mounting the elements of the platform. The documentation also describes the physical phenomena on the basis of which employ a separate mechanical elements, sensors, and electronic systems.

16. Autodesk VEX Curriculum


Plate instruktażowa, containing descriptions, technical drawings, and exercises to help students understanding the mechanical, physical phenomena used in devices, modern robotics and mechatronics.





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