Przetwornica regulowana 4V -25V

Converter step-up/step-down with adjustable output voltage between 2 V and 12 V. the Maximum current is 300 mA. Power 1.5 V - 16 V.

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  • Input voltage: 1.5 V to 16 V

  • Regulated output voltage: 2 V to 12 V

  • Operating frequency: 1.5 MHz

  • Maximum current: 300mA

  • Small size: 17,8 x 10.1 x 3.8 mm

  • Weight (without connectors): 1 g



Key features

  1. The output voltage can be above, below or equal to the supply voltage.

  2. The ability to customize the auto-off system at a specified voltage.

  3. Adjustable output voltage range of 2 V to 12 V.

  4. Built-in protection system against too high temperatures.

  5. Small size: 17,8 x 10.1 x 3.8 mm.


Large input voltage range and the elasticity of output voltage make sure the module is very well established as a stabilizer in systems powered by batteries. In a simple way, you can get the desired value of the voltage is higher or lower than the power. For example, when a required voltage of 5V or 3.3 V in a system powered by one goal Li-pol (3.7 V) during the entire work cycle of the battery.




The module has four output:

  • VIN - input voltage in range 1.5 V - 16 V.
    When the lower module is not switched on, above, may damage the system.
  • GND - the ground
  • VOUT - output voltage is adjustable in the range
    2V to 12V
  • SHDN - shutdown system - input low means that the system goes into a low power state. Conclusion it is pulled up to VIN through a resistor of 10 ohms, which makes the system is enabled by default.


Connectors respectively signed on the Board. Terminal pitch is 2.54 mm (goldpin connectors). The module can be mounted on the contact plate, to connect with wires or solder in a special printed circuit Board.


On request, we can provide the model with zlutowanymi senior goldpin. For this purpose, please leave the details in comments to the order.


Automatic shut-off

If the voltage at pin SHDN falls below 1.1 V, the regulator shuts down automatically. SHDN Pin is pulled up to VCC through a resistor 130kOm. By adding a resistor ... to ground (GND), the voltage thresholds at which the system shuts down can be adjustable. The resistor is calculated as follows:



Where VOFF is the voltage at which the controller will automatically shut off.


The choice of the output voltage

The output voltage is set using the potentiometer. Turning clockwise increases the voltage.



Fig. 1: Select output voltage.


The output voltage can not exceed the double values of the established output voltage. For example, if the output voltage is set to 6V, the input cannot exceed 12V.



Efficiency is defined as the ratio input power to output power (Pout/Pin). This parameter is of particular importance when running on battery power when it is important that the system worked as long as possible on a single charge. The efficiency of the Converter depends on the strength of the current flow and the input voltage (chart below). The average is at 70-80%, which allows to use almost the maximum energy from the battery.

Fig. 2: Fitness for the output voltage to 3.3 V.

Fig. 3: Fitness for the output voltage to 5V.

Fig. 4: Fitness for output voltage 9V.

Fig. 5: Fitness for output voltage 12V.



Jumping voltages (pins)

In electronic circuits, the current run can lead to the emergence of so-called pins, that is, sharp voltage spike to a value above a certain level. If the amplitude of the pin exceeds the permissible value of the controller, it can fail. Therefore, if the system will be powered with voltage above 10V or load will have a high inductance, we highly recommend you wlutowanie capacitor value of 33uF/25V or higher, as close as possible to the system between VIN and GND.



  • Current 0.3 A
  • Stabilizer - Type2 switching
  • Stabilizer - Type step-up/down


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