Wheel set 42x19mm with encoders

A set of two wheels with a size of 42 x 19 mm with optical speed sensors (encoders) and mounts for engines.

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Technical characteristics of the wheels

  • Size: 42 x 19 mm
  • Weight: 19 g
  • The hole on the shaft a D-shaped diameter of 3 mm
  • Frame color: white


Specification of sensors

  • Supply voltage: 4.5 V to 5.5 V*
  • Current consumption: 14 mA to 5 in
  • Two digital outputs (quadrature)
  • Compact size 18
  • Weight 1.6 g


* It is also possible to supply voltage of 3.3 V using the appropriate calibration.


Zestaw kół z enkoderem


  • Two wheels with tires
  • Fixing white extended to mikrosilników Pololu
  • A set of optical sensors for measuring rotation speed



Optical encoders with quadrature, designed for Pololu micro motors consist of two optocouplers odbiciowych operating in the infrared range. Measurement is accomplished by reading the current position of the sensor by means of the teeth and cracks in the wheel rim. The output signals are phase-shifted approximately 90 degrees. This allows you to distinguish direction of rotation. The outputs are connected through Comparators with hysteresis, so that the signal devoid of interference. The sensor resolution is 48 pulses per revolution.


Small dimensions allow to install the sensors between the engine and the chassis by fastening the extended.

Wymiary enkodera


Example code of handling of sensors for AVR microcontrollers can be found in the Pololu AVR library at: link.



Wheel encoders cooperate with the Pololu micro motors with reducers from 5:1 to 298:1. Sensors do not support engines with gearbox 1000:1.


Calibration for voltage 3.3 V

The sensors can be set to operate with a supply voltage of 3.3 V. to do this, connect resistor R4 (see the diagram below). In practice, this means to solder a piece of wire between two pads of the resistor R4 or the complete removal of this resistor and replace it zworką. This operation will reduce the total resistance in the circuit of the LEDs broadcasts sensor IR radiation. There will be only the resistor R1 nominal value of 100 Ohms (plus the resistance of the diodes themselves).

Schemat enkoderów optycznych Pololu

Diagram of the module optic sensors Pololu.


The next step is the calibration of the sensors. To do this, use a small potentiometer located on the Board. To correctly calibrate the sensors must transmit a signal on the filling of about 50%. The calibration facilitates the use of oscilloscope, but how well you can do with the same microcontroller, the metering cycle.



Due to the large bieżnikom wheel resistant to imperfections and contamination on the surface on which they move. The wheels were designed to fit in an interference fit on the shafts of the Pololu micro motors.


Koła Pololu 


Tire diameter 42 mm, its width is 19mm. The size of the wheels shown in the picture below.


Wymiary kół Pololu




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