Video course programming in Python - ON-LINE version*

The course covers all major language features. The author shows how to install a Python interpreter, and how to configure working environment, explains what variables, modules, classes, inheritance, methods, etc. In the course you will also find many practical examples. Electronic version - for download.

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Product description: video Course of programming in Python ON-LINE version

  • You want to learn the language, which offers unlimited opportunities and at the same time ensures quick operation?
  • You want to learn the language, which has a simple, transparent syntax, and it is very easy to learn?
  • Have you tried to learn Python using a variety of materials, but you still have problems understanding some questions?
  • You need a course that will quickly explain all the basic elements of this language?
  • Are you looking for a course that will enable you to gain the knowledge to write such applications, console or network?


By choosing this course, you will learn much more!


Instructions for download and code you receive from us specified in the order e-mail address no later than the next business day after payment is received.


The course is intended for programming?

The course is designed for novice people who want to learn programming in Python. Quickly, you will gain knowledge about key concepts of Python language. To learn many practical solutions that you can use in your projects. What you will learn will enable you to begin working on their applications and at the same time provide a solid Foundation for further skills development.



Example, free tutorial: the FOR Loop. More examples in the table of contents.


The author discusses in detail every important element of the language. At the beginning shows you how to install Python and how to create and configure a working environment. He then goes on to discuss the main components of any program: variables, operators, control instructions, etc In the following group of chapters, you will gain knowledge about data types in Python. Much time was devoted to the review of the functions and modules. You will learn how to use the standard Python modules, and how to create your own modules. The next group of chapters is a great opportunity to explore the object-oriented aspects of the language: classes, inheritance, methods). The authors also show many practical examples. Thanks to them, you will learn features that allow you to work with files (open, save.), directories and addresses. In the end, you will learn the library, which simplify the creation of graphical interfaces.


If you purchased a boxed version or electronic? - check out the tutorial.

All the materials were included in the course. The course is based on a version of Python 3.

The contents


  • Introduction 0m 48s
  • Installing Python 2m 58s
  • Editor's choice 4m min 06
  • The creation of the first program 3m 52s
  • Interactive shell 2m 56s



The basic concepts of the language

  • Variables 5m 11s
  • Operators 5m 46s
  • The IF statement - the introduction of 3M 08s
  • The IF statement - the scheme 4m 35s
  • The WHILE loop 4m 49s
  • The BREAK and CONTINUE statements 4m 51s
  • The FOR loop 6m 30s (get a free lesson)
  • Exception handling 4m 52s
  • The exception is the sequel to the 2m 44s
  • Import 5m 00s



Data types

  • Lists – introduction 6m 20s
  • Lists in practice 5m 56s
  • Dictionaries 5m 12s
  • The elements of the TUPLE type 3m 58s
  • Datasets 4m 16s
  • Numbers and convert 4m 32s
  • Data type String 7m 11s
  • Formatting 4m 49s




  • Introduction to functions 4m 17s
  • Arguments - the main issues 3m 07s
  • Arguments diagram 4m 15s
  • The arguments are optional 5m 17s
  • Function Lambda 3M 32s
  • Return values 4m 33s
  • Generators 6m 43s
  • Range of variables 4m 51s
  • Function as argument, 5m 44s





  • Open file 3m 56s
  • Save the file 3m 35s
  • Working with directories 3M 35s
  • Opening URL: 5m 14s

Object-oriented aspects of Python


  • Library TKINTER 4m 04s
  • Creating buttons 3m 31s
  • The closure of the programme 5m 38s
  • Indicators text 2m 33s
  • Drop down menus 4m 56s
  • Window file open 2m 53s