Workshop Kit - Electro Guide*

A set of basic workshop tools for electronic-robotic engineer packed in an aesthetic, transparent box.

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The set includes the basic workshop equipment of every electronic and robotic engineer.

The film that represents the contents of the set.


Contents of the set

The kit includes:


L. p.PhotoDescription
1 Soldering iron with a power of 60 W - the basic device used for mounting the electronic circuits.
2Tin in a vial - binder necessary for soldering - currently, we ship tin with a diameter of 1 mm.
3Flux in gel, 1.4 ml - substance, thanks to which, after application, the soldering, even the small integrated circuits, becomes much more easier.
4Pump for tin - a tool for desoldering the circuits and for removing the excess of tin.
5Braid for the tin - copper ribbon which enables the separation of accidentaly soldered legs.
6Stand for soldering iron - holder that allows you to comfortably put the soldering iron off, with the sponge for cleaning its tip.
7Third hand - tool equipped with two handles with a magnifier, useful when there is no helping hand around.
8Non-magnetic tweezers - allows you to keep, usually hot, integrated circuits during soldering.
9Isolating tape - for connection and protection of wires, and not only for it.
10Plastic xhest - a convenient container with a handle, in which will fit more than only items from this set.

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