Raspberry Pi model B kit - WiFi Extended

The kit includes a Raspberry Pi model B, and the set of elements required to run and use minikomputera: case, memory card, HDMI cable, power supply 1.5 A, tab wi-fi, keyboard, mouse, HUB 4 USB with power supply 3 A, Ethernet cable and set of radiators.

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Set includes a complete set of components necessary to run and use minikomputera Raspberry Pi. In the packet are:


  Raspberry Pi Model B 512 MB
 Case for Raspberry Pi Farnell minikomputera transparent*

SD memory card with NOOBs operating system

(amount and class choice)

 Power adapter 5 V / 1.5 A microUSB
 HDMI cable 1.8 m class 1.4 braided
 Ethernet cable patch cord UTP 5e with length over 1 m
 USB keyboard, slim Titanium manufacturer
 Mouse optical USB EM-102 Esperanza in black**
 Network card wi-fi USB Nano wireless N TL-WN725N TP-Link
 PiHUB USB 2.0 active 4 port power supply 5V/3A
 Kit for radiators with a layer of adhesive - free!


*The existence of the possibility of changing the body the Raspberry Pi to a different version colours: black, white or crimson. To do this, please in the order comments.

**The existence of the ability to replace the mouse on a different version colours: red. To do this, please in the order comments.

The capacity and class of card you can choose from the list below the product name, by default sent to the version of 8 GB 4 class.


Set includes minikomputer Raspberry Pi model B 512 MB with protecting his body. The kit also includes a memory card micro SD with adapter and a pre-installed NOOBs operating system. The HDMI cable allows you to connect the Raspberry to a monitor. AC adapter with microUSB connector, output up to 1.5 A supplies a current to minikomputera.


Mouse and keyboard allow for service and input in Raspberry. Using wifi card you can in a simple way to create a wireless network connection. High quality 4 port, active USB PiHub with power supply enables connection of more devices, and the power of the minikomputera. In addition, there is a radiator with cover, self-adhesive, and Ethernet cable patch cord cat. 5e minikomputera to connect to the network.


Network card TP-link version 2 and above is not automatically detected by the system Raspian. The files you need to download and install yourself. The whole operation is not complicated, takes only a few minutes. A brief guide on how to do this can be found on this website.



Przewód sieciowy Ethernet Patchcord UTP 5e


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