Pololu Zumo - minisumo robot - KIT for Arduino

Warring robot education for self-Assembly. The platform has the ability to install the module to Arduino Uno or Leonardo. The kit includes: tile page with the possible inclusion of Arduino chassis with gąsienicam and bumper look cleaner.

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Product replaced by the new version: Zumo v1.2 - minisumo robot KIT for Arduino



Set includes




Kit for building robot fighting minisumo controller-based Arduino Uno or Leonardo. The kit includes: main Board with the ability to connect to Arduino, chassis with tracks and plow - that is bumper to fight other robots. For the operation of the robot is also required: pair of motors series, micro, four batteries AA and module Arduino.



The set does not contain engine. They can be purchased separately with the selected gear.


Tile main

The controller allows you to build robot fighting minisumo based on the popular module Arduino Uno or Leonardo. It offers dual-channel driver engines, voltage regulator, and a 3-axis accelerometer. Detailed description of the PCB: link.

Zestaw do budowy robota walczącego mini sumo w oparciu o kontroler Arduino Uno lub Leonardo


Set specifications for the manufacture of the mechanical chassis of the robot minisumo class. The kit includes: caterpillar, basket for the battery and mounting plate. Accurate description of the mechanical elements: the link.

Elementy mechaniczne do budowy robota w oparciu o kontroler Arduino


Package also includes a metal plow, that is the bumper, to fight other robots. Accurate description and size: link.



The Zumo robot has been designed in such a way that the dimensions of the assembled structure was placed in a square 10 x 10 cm, which is consistent with the international rules of fighting robots.




Required elements

The following components are not included in the kit in order to leave a choice of the designer. He can pick according to your needs the parameters of the engine and to select the corresponding version of the Arduino. In addition, the user can use the items you already have, such as the popular Arduino module.


  • Two of the Pololu motor from the micro

The company Pololu provides a whole series of micro-motors with gearboxes. They differ in capacity and volume reflection. The most popular among designers of robots fighting are versions of the HighPower with gear 30:1 and 50:1.


  • Four AA batteries

To power the robot requires four alkaiczne batteries AA (large fingers). We recommend you to use NiMH batteriesbecause they have the possibility of multiple charging.


  • Module Arduino

The kit works with both version of Uno and Leonardo. Compatible also older models with the same distribution of conclusions, for example, Arduino Duemilanove.

 Robot walczący z modułem Arduino


Additional items

In addition to the above listed items necessary for the operation, the user can select additional components. This:


Allows you to define the white line located on the edge of the ring. Thanks to appropriate software, the robot can stop itself from falling outside the valid region.


Allows re-use of NiMH batteries.


The optical elements to determine where the enemy is. Most often used digital sensors about a distance of 40cm. Their advantages are small size and speed of measurement.




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