Relay module RM1 with optoelectronic isolation 5V 10A / 125VAC

The module is equipped with relay SRD-05 winding with a rated voltage of 5 V optical isolation input. The system allows you to control actuators with microcontroller ports or any set implementation.

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  • The supply voltage VCC 5 V
  • Input voltage: from 3.0 V to 5.5 V
  • Relay SRD-05VDC-SL-C (documentation)
    • Coil voltage: 5 V
    • The maximum voltage contacts: 250 V AC, 110 V CURRENT*
    • Maximum current: 10 a
  • Optoizolacja EL817 (documentation)
  • The dimensions of the plate 46 x18 mm

* Maximum contact voltage depends on the type load - details in the documentation tab. 7. Contact Rating.


The module allows to control the Executive elements pobierającymi current up to 10 A using the microcontroller's port or any set implementation (including Arduino, Rasbperry Pi and STM32Discovery). Optoizolacja prevents the control signal from the part associated with the power relay, thereby providing work safety management system. For proper operation, it is sufficient to mount the power supply relay digital control signal. Conclusions this is the standard strap goldpin pitch 2.54 mm, which are connected with connecting cables.


Examples of application

  • Driver lighting
  • The driver drives
  • Switch for electric devices, including motors



The module has four input / output VCC, GND, IN - and IN+. To work correctly, you must connect the power supply 5 V to the VCC, ground GND and the input signal IN. Thanks to optical isolation, the input voltage can take a value in the range from 3 V to 5.5 V. Jumper selects the mode the relay will be included:

  • The jumper between VCC and IN+, the control signal connected to IN- : the relay is activated high position
  • The jumper between GND and IN-to, a control signal is connected to IN+ : the relay is activated low as


Output output is designated as NO - disabled by default, NC - the default is connected with COM. The provision of a high position on the conclusion IN (3V-5.5 V), switches the relay and makes the connection between the disconnect COM and NO COM-NC. This operation also signaled via the led (D1).




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