Laboratory power supply Korad KA3005D 0-30V 5A*

KA3005D is a stabilized laboratory power supply with the programmable memory and smoothly adjustable voltage in the range from 0 to 30 Volts and current in the range from 0 to 5 A.

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Description stabilized laboratory power supply KA3005D 

KA3005D is a stabilized laboratory power supply with the programmable memory and smoothly adjustable voltage in the range from 0 to 30 Volts and current in the range from 0 to 5 A.


asilacz laboratoryjny Korad KA3005D 0-30V 5A

The main functions of the power supply:

  • The device can operate in the following modes:
    • C. V. - DC voltage of output 
    • C. C. - DC of load
  • The system is equipped with protection from surges and overloads
  • The PSU has 5 storages to save current, voltage and operation modes
  • The device has a full adjustment of the current, not just its limitation
  • Has the accuracy of current up to 3 decimal places
  • Has two kinds of protections:
    • OVP (overvoltage protection)
    • OCP (overcurrent protection)
  • Regulations:
    • Smooth adjustment of voltage in a whole range
    • Smooth current adjustment throughout the whole range
    • Switching on and off of power supply - 4 buttons
    • Recording and reading from the device's memory.
    • Function of locking buttons


  • Voltage range: 0 - 30 V
  • Current range: 0 - 5 A
  • Parameters adjustment
    • Voltage: =< 0.01% +2 mV
    • Current: =<0.1% +10 mA
  • The accuracy of parameter settings:
    • Voltage: 10 mV
    • Current: 1 mA
  • Precision of settings
    • Voltage 0.5 % +20 mV
    • Current 0.5 % +10 mA
  • Output voltage ripple
    • Voltage: + 2 mVrms
    • Current: + 3 mArms
  • Reaction time
    • Of increasing of the voltage: =< 100 MS (rated load 10%)
    • Of voltage decreasing: =< 100 MS (rated load 10%)


  • Laboratory power supply KA-3005D Korad 
  • Power cable
  • The user manual
  • Voltage output from 0 V
  • Output voltage to 30.0 V
  • Nominal power 150 W
  • Current 5 A
  • Power supply - type laboratory
  • Power supply - Plug krokodylki


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