Ozobot - mathematic set with double-sided coding mat

Math is a great solution for kids who want an early age to learn coding by great fun. Set contains double-sided size 100 x 100 cm, 175 discs math, 200 coloured cups and a book of Coding on the Carpet 2.

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Description of product: Ozobot - a collection of mathematical with small double-sided Mat for coding

A set of mathematical Ozobot is the perfect solution for children who would like to learn the basics of coding while playing and developing with their peers. This is a great tutorial that will fulfil its role in preschool education and preschool education.

Mata edukacyjna Ozobot - Kodowanie na dywanie

Ozobot - Mat two way Encoding on the carpet.

Pad develops

The double-sided Encoding on the carpet will allow to diversify practical training in kindergartens and schools, introducing children to the world of fun and coding, while maintaining a high quality level of education. On one side of the Mat located grid of 10 x 10 fields. Horizontal (x) axis is designated with numbers and the vertical (y) letters. Four symmetrical parts divided its red lines. The second side is 9 squares, built with 9 circles each. They are grouped by the color of the segments. It will be useful during math class and studying programming. Pad develops packaged in a very sturdy cardboard flask, which ensures its safety during transportation and is ideal for storing it.

Ozobot - mata edukacyjna Kodowanie na dywanie

Ozobot - Mat two way Encoding on the carpet

Videos for encoding

The element of the mathematical set, which in combination with the Mat of educational "Encoding on the carpet" will allow to introduce a child to the world of programming, teaching through play, helping to get so important nowadays as ability to work in a team. Made of durable but lightweight material making them easy to use while working, at the same time making them durable. They include, in particular drives, movement - arrows, commands, turn, start, stop, and numbers encountered on a colorful districts. They allow you to play mathematical games, puzzles for example Sudoku, memory.

Krążki edukacyjne Ozobot - kodowanie na dywanie

Drives educational Ozobot - encoding on the carpet.

The only limit will be our creativity - graphic dictations, poems with pictures, or so-called encoding forum - the creation of colored structures in which the arrangement of the individual elements to the structure and principle of performance of separate elements of a computer program.

Krążki edukacyjne Ozobot - kodowanie na dywanie.

Drives educational Ozobot - encoding on the carpet.

In addition, the kit includes: circles of mathematical signs of addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, equality, and geometric shapes, all in interesting colors, develop child's imagination. This will help your child develop basic math skills while providing enjoyment.

Cups made of plastic

Included colored glasses suitable for a large rug. Provide an interesting variety of set Ozobot. The kit includes 200 cups, and once, when the class is used 100 cups.

Kolorowe kubeczki Ozobot - kodowanie na dywanie

Colored cups Ozobot - encoding on the carpet.

Book Coding for carpet 2

The set is included the book "Coding for carpet 2". This is a great offer for teachers, educators and parentswho want to teach their children logical thinking and train them through a good game. The book contains a lot of activity with the use of the Mat, and have fun without using it.

Książka Kodowanie na dywanie 2

The book is Coded on the carpet 2.

Specification of a set of mathematical

  • Mat for encoding a size of 100 x 100 cm
  • Tube to store mats
  • The book "Coding for carpet 2"
  • 140 bilateral disc movement and color figures
  • 35 two-sided records mathematical
  • 200 cups in 10 colors


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