TPA2005D1 mono audio amplifier - SparkFun BOB-11044_

Module with audio amplifier class D. Characterized by small power losses. It allows you to connect a speaker of 8 Ohms, power 1.4 watts. It has a connector for the potentiometer for volume control.

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Module with audio amplifier class-D TPA2005D1 from Texas Instruments. Little power loss, that is, small heat generation and longer battery life. It allows you to connect a speaker of 8 Ohms, power 1.4 watts. It has a connector for potentiometer (10 kOhm) designed to adjust the volume.


The system inputs are differential, protecting input signal from the primary layout, for example, available in our store Arduino Mp3 Shield. The shutdown input ensures that the system is in a low power state when not in use.


Moduł ze wzmacniaczem audio klasy D TPA2005D1 firmy Texas Instruments   Moduł ze wzmacniaczem audio klasy D TPA2005D1



  • Power supply: from 2.5 V to 5.5 V
  • Power: 1.4 Watts (8 Ohms)
  • Class: D
  • Fully differential audio input
  • The input mode low consumption current, with built-in pull-up resistor
  • Pads, allowing to solder resistors, changing the gain
  • Connector allows you to set the potentiometer 10 kω controlling the gain - volume


The system has ten pins, the raster is 2.54, to which you can solder standard connectors goldpin:

  • PWR - module power supply range from 2.5 V to 5.5 V.
  • IN - the input signal is connected respectively between terminals + and -.
  • OUT - amplified output signal.
  • S - shutdown input, for low energy consumption mode - low condition. The output S by default is pulled up to the supply voltage, when the output is not connected is indicates the normal operation of the module.
  • VOL - connectors are used to connect the external potentiometer 10 kOhm volume control (optional).
A detailed description along with an example of connection can be found in the instructions on the manufacturer's website.

The kit does not contain connectors, you may purchase them separately.

On request, we can provide the model with soldered connectors. For this purpose, please leave the details in comments to the order. Option is only available when purchasing relevant goldpin connectors.

 Moduł ze wzmacniaczem audio klasy D



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