VNH3SP30 - single-channel MD01B 16V / 9A engine controller - Pololu 705

The module system VNH3SP30 ST company, working with voltages from 5.5 V to 16 V. the Maximum continuous output current 9 A (short-term: 30 A).

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Description of product: Pololu VNH3SP30 - a single-driver engines MD01B 16V/9A

Module one-channel H bridge VNH3SP30 ST lets you control the motors with a supply voltage in range 5.5 V - 16 V continuous drain current 9 A, for short periods up to 30 A. the System allows you to change the motor rotation direction and speed control through a PWM signal.


Insights driver engines






VINPowered engines.
OUTThe output of half-bridge And power engines.
OUTBOutput half-bridge B power engines.
PWMThe input of the PWM signal by default pulled to ground (up to 10 kHz)
INA/MOPZone changes direction of rotation.
GNDThe potential mass.
CSThe output of the current measurement. Available only in version VNH2SP30

Diagram of the module



Diagram of the module VNH3SP30.

Supply voltage: 5.5 V - 24V
Continuous output current: 12A
Maximum momentary current: 30A
PWM frequency: 20 kHz
Output for current measurement
Protection against incorrect power supply podpięciem
Protection against too high and too low voltage
The short-circuit protection to ground and supply voltage
Included: module, power connector, strap goldpin.
The minimum number of connections of the module VNH5019 with a microcontroller.
The input PWM signal pulled up to the masses. The power outputs of the engines, so they are blocked by default. On the Findings of controlling the direction of rotation INA, MOS was not installed by default, no potential.
The LEDs located on the Board, they are very useful for discovering problems with the connection. The brightness increases with the rotational speed of the engine, and the color changes with the direction of rotation.
VINZasilanie 24V
VDDZasilanie part of logic for 2.5 V to 5V
VOUTWyjście voltage with protection against reverse power connection.
OUTAWyjście half of the sternum And power engines
OUTBWyjście half of the sternum B power engines
PWMWejście of the PWM signal by default pulled to ground (to 20 kHz)
Zone changes direction of rotation. Default not active.
CSWyjścia measure current. 140mV at 1A. Active when PIN CS_DIS low.
ENA/DIAGABlokada half-bridge A. low blocks the action of half-bridge A. the Default high state.
ENB/DIAGBBlokada half of the sternum B. at the same time blocks the action of half of the sternum B. Default in the high state.
CS_DISBlokada output current measurement. High blocks the release of CS. Default in the low state.
Diagram of the module VNH519.
Overview series processors VNH
Voltage zasilania5.5 – 16 V5.5 – 16 V5.5 – 24 V
Resistance MOSFET34 m? type.19 m? max. 18 m? type.
Max. częstotliowość PWM10 kHz20 kHz20 kHz
The output of the measurement pradun/a0.13 V/A0.14 V/A
The minimum level of signals logicznych3.25 V3.25 V2.1 V
Time to overheat at 20 A8 s35 s20 s
Time before overheating przy15 A30 s90 s150's
Current ciągły9 A14 A12 A

Overview series processors VNH

Voltage5.5 – 16 V5.5 – 16 V5.5 – 24 in
The resistance of the MOSFET34 m? type.19 m? max.18 m? type.
Max. the PWM frequency10 kHz20 kHz20 kHz
Output current measurementn/a0.13 V/A0.13 V/A
The minimum level logical signals3.25 V3.25 V2.1 V
Time to overheat at 20 A8 sec35 sec20 sec
Time before overheating And przy1530 sec150 s90's
Continuous current9 A14 And12 And

Technical characteristics of the motors ' driver Pololu VNH3SP30

  • Input voltage: 5.5 V to 16 V
  • Continuous output current: 9 A
  • Maximum momentary current: 30 A
  • PWM frequency: to 10 kHz
  • Protection against incorrect power supply podpięciem
More details in the documentation.


  • Driver motors
  • Power connector
  • Strap goldpin



  • Voltage to 5.5 V
  • Voltage from 16.0 V
  • Current 9 A
  • Channels 1


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