Grove - StarterKit v3 - IoT starter package for Arduino*

Starter set introducing the world of IoT (Internet of Things) for Arduino boards. The set includes i.a.: sensors of light, touch, temperature, servo, display and many others. Connecting of the modules is facilitated by the special BaseShield together with the wires.

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Starter set introducing the world of IoT (Internet of Things) for Arduino boards. The set includes i.a.: sensors of light, touch, temperature, servo, display and many others. Connecting of the modules is facilitated by the special BaseShield together with the wires.


Grove StarterKit - pakiet startowy loT dla Arduino 

The set is sent in a plastic box.


Intel provides the programming environment and examples of the connection of modules to the IoT network.


The contents of the set

The kit includes 14 items, description of individual modules is available in the table.


L. p.PhotoDescription
1 Base Shield v2 Grove - nakładka na ArduinoBase Shield v2 - shield for Arduino to connect the sensors with the provided cables.
2 Moduł z buzzeremModule with buzzer - simple sound signal generator.
3 Moduł tact switchModule with button - board with tact switch button and resistor pulling up to the mass. Communication is a digital signal 0/1.
4Moduł z diodą LEDModule with LED (set of three colors: blue, red and green) - it has a built in resistor that limits the current on the diode, it can be controlled by PWM signal.
5Moduł z potencjometrem liniowymModule with linear potentiometer - module with a range of 300° and a linear change of value. The resistance is 10 kΩ.
6Moduł z czujnikiem dźwiękuModule with sound sensor - used to detect the surrounding sound level. It has an analog output. Microphone sensitivity at 1 kHz: from 48 to 52 dB.
7Moduł z przekaźnikiemModule with relay - maximum voltage is 250 V AC, maximum current is 15 A. For security purposes, we recommend working with voltages up to 24 V.
8Moduł z czujnikiem temperaturyModule with temperature sensor - module measures the temperature from -40 °C to 125 °C with accuracy of 1.5 °C.
9Moduł z czujnikiem dotykuModule with touch sensor - communication with module is a digital signal of 0/1. The response time of the sensor is from 60 MS to 220 MS.
10Moduł z czujnikiem światłaModule with light sensor - a sensor measures the ambient light intensity. Based on the LM358 chip.

micro Serwo

Servo, type micro - servo with the range of movement of 180 °. The the set has the hooks and installation screws.
12Wyświetlacz LCD RGBLCD display with RGB backlight - display screen with backlight, in full color palette. It communicates with the microcontroller via I2C. It has the built-in English and Japanese fonts.
13Klip na baterię 9VClip on the 9V battery with Jack output - it allows you to bring the power from the battery, its length is 12.6 cm.
14Przewody połączeniowe Grove10 wires of 4-pin Grove - they let you combine modules with Base Shield v2.



  • Sensor - type set
  • StarterKit - module: Brak
  • StarterKit - subject Arduino


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