Universal multimeter UNI-T UT58C*

A multimeter allows to measure DC and AC voltage up to 1 kV, flow of the AC and DC current up to 20 A, resistance, capacitance and frequency. The device has the function of temperature measurement, recording the latest readings, testing the transistors, as well as a sound signal.

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A multimeter allows to measure DC and AC voltage up to 1 kV, flow of the AC and DC current up to 20 A, resistance, capacitance and frequency. Temperature measurement in the range of -40÷1000°C is possible thanks to the part of the probe. The continuity of the circuit is indicated via sound signal. The device has the function of recording the last measurement's result and testing transistors. The meter is powered by the popular 9 V battery which is also included. The digital indicator informs about its discharge. Everything is sent in a protected, original box.

UNI-T UT58C with accessories included in the kit.

UNI-T UT58C with accessories included in the kit.


  • Test leads
  • Probe for temperature measurement
  • 9 V Battery
  • Instruction: in English and Polish
  • Warranty: 24 months



DC voltage 200 mV / 2 V / 20 V / 200 V / 1000 V
AC voltage 2 V / 20 V / 200 V / 1000 V
DC20 mA / 200 mA / 20 A
AC2 mA / 200 mA / 20 A
Resistance200 Ω / 2 kΩ / 20 kΩ / 2 MΩ / 20 MΩ
Capacity2 nF / 200 nF / 100 µF
Frequencyfrom 2 kHz to 20 kHz
Temperature-40 °C to 1000 °C
Automatic range selectionno
Stand-by modeno
Sound signalyes
Transistor testeryes
Tester of diodesyes
Battery testerno
Function Data Holdyes
Battery indicatoryes
DisplayLCD 1999 (60 x 54 mm)
Dimensions179 x 88 x 39 mm
Power9 V battery (included)
Weight350 g



  • Meter - DC voltage yes
  • Meter - Diode tester yes
  • Meter - Battery tester no
  • Meter - Frequency yes
  • Meter - AC voltage yes
  • Meter - AC current yes
  • Meter - Capacitance yes
  • Meter - Auto Range no
  • Meter - DC current yes
  • Meter - Resistance yes
  • Meter - Transistor tester yes
  • Meter - sound yes
  • Meter - Inductance no
  • Meter - Backlight no
  • Meter - Temperature yes
  • Meter - Data Hold yes


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