LCD display 2x16 characters blue*

Symbol: JHD162A B-W. Driver compatible with HD44780 . Blue negative. Backlight: white LEDs. Character color: white.

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  • LCD display 2x16 characters,
  • Driver compatible with HD44780
  • Blue negative
  • Backlight with white LEDs, white symbols
  • Module size : 80 x 36 x 12 mm
  • Sign sizes: 2,45 x 5,00 mm
  • Operating temperature range: -20 to +70 °C


In our offer you will find also display with soldered connectors.



Popular alphanumeric LCD display, powered with voltage 5 V. It is characterized by its simplicity, availibility and the numerous support for many microcontrollers.


The product is compatible with Arduino

In the standard set of libraries and sample programs downloaded with the environment of Arduino, is the library LiquidCrystal which provides support for the display.



Dimensions and leads



No. Name Description
2VDD+5V power supply

The registry selection of the guide display

(low state) or data register (high)

5R/WRead (low state) / Record (high status)
6EUnlock display




Data bus.

15LEDAThe backlight power supply +5V
16LEDKMass of backlight




The display can be controlled in the following modes:

  • 8-bit without the reading of the busy flag - to transmit, the eight data bus lines and two control lines (RS, E - RW connected to ground) are required.
  • 8-bit with the reading of the busy flag - to transmit, the eight data bus lines and three control lines (RS, E, RW) are  required.
  • 4-bit with reading of the busy flag - to transmit, the four lines of the data bus and three control lines(RS, E, RW) are  required.
  • 4-bit without reading of the busy flag - to transmit, the four lines of data bus and two control lines (RS, E - RW connected to ground) are  required.


The most frequently selected method of communication is the 4-bit mode without reading of the busy flag. Sending a half-byte allows you to save valuable leads I/O of microcontroller - only four data lines (in 8-bit eight of them are busy) are used. Lack of the reading of the busy flag introduces the need to use software delays but allows you to save another line - R/W. Pin can be connected on a permanent basis to the masses because the data will be delivered only in one direction, to display.


  • Screen - type alphanumeric
  • Screen - diagonal 2.6 ''
  • Screen - interface GPIO
  • Screen - touch no
  • Screen - resolution 2x16 znaków


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