Tamiya 70168 double gearbox - set

Kit for self Assembly, consisting of two DC motors with gearboxes company Tamiya. The system is equipped with a hex shaft with a diameter of 3 mm. the User can choose the gear ratios: 12.7:1, 38:1, 115:1 or 344:1.

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Specification of product: Tamiya 70168 double Gearbox kit

  • Operating supply voltage: 3 V
  • Possible gear ratios: 12.7:1, 38:1, 115:1 and 344:1
  • No-load speed for the voltage 3 V: 12300 rpm
  • Current consumption without load 3: 150 mA
  • The maximum current for the voltage 3 V: 2100 mA
  • Torque (without gearbox: 0,036 kg*cm)
  • Hex shaft diameter: 3 mm
  • Set of elements for self-Assembly
  • Weight of set: approx. 120 g



The selection of the gear ratios of the gearbox 70168

Transmission provides a choice of gear ratios, depending on the needs of the project. The user can select one of four options:


Gear ratio

The speed of rotation



1000 rpm

0.4 kg*cm
(0.04 Nm)


320 rpm1.3 kg*cm
(0,12 Nm)
115:1100 rpm4.0 kg*cm
(0.39 Nm)
344:130 rpm12 kg*cm
(1,17 Nm)


These parameters are calculated for the idle speed without taking into account losses in the gearbox.

Przełożenie na przekładni podwójnej Tamiya


Manual showing how to choose gear ratio. A paper copy is attached to the kit.


Accessories gearbox 70168

In our offer we also have accessories to help you build a complete robot moving on tracks or wheels traditional.


The mounting of the gearbox double

Gearbox works with other products of the company Tamiya, for example, a set of wheels, crawler and sport wheels.

Czołg zbudowany z elementów Tamiya

The tank is constructed from elements of the company Tamiya.

Control gear Tamiya

For motor control, you can use available in our range modules series DRV8833 or the DRV8835. These systems allow you to power the motors supply voltage of 2.7 V, thereby the mechanical box will retain full viability. The user can also use the controller TB6612, limiting the motor voltage using PWM signal. Drivers can be monitored using sets of line (for example, Arduino, STM32Discovery or minikomputera Rasbperry Pi).


In case of use of own printed circuit BOARDS, we invite you to see the range drivers in the form of chips in housings for soldering surface problems.


  • Voltage to 3.0 V
  • Voltage from 3.0 V
  • Motor - current 150 mA
  • Rotation speed 12300 obr/min
  • Torque 0,036 kg*cm
  • Mass 120 g
  • Motor - shaft: 3 mm


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