CP2104 USB-UART Converter - Pololu 1308

Converter allows you to communicate between two popular interfaces serial ports USB and UART. Allows to exchange data between the computer and mikrokontrolerami, layout uses the CP2104.

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Product description: Converter USB-UART CP2104 - Pololu 1308

The module is based on the CP2104 system allows the conversion of data between the USB - UART. With the Converter, you can exchange data between a computer equipped with a USB port, a system with a microcontroller that supports popular serial interface. In addition, the system has a digital output General purpose (GPIO) as the standard goldpin connectors - raster 2.54 mm. CP2104 is compatible with popular FT232, can be, for example, as a programmer for the Arduino.



By default, the working system voltage was 3.45 V, but the module Pololu tolerate higher values, including signals of 5 V. In the operating system, the adapter appears as a virtual COM port that can be used with any terminal or program that supports the standard serial interface RS232. The manufacturer supplies drivers for the operating systems: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Linux, and Mac OS X.



VDDPower3.45 V output voltage
VBUSPowerThe voltage of the USB bus (5V)
RSTInReset system
TXOutTransmitter UART
RXInReceiver UART
CTSIn“Clear to send” input
RTSOut“Ready to send” output
DSRIn"Data set ready" input (active-low state)
DTROut"Data terminal ready output (active-low state)
DCDIn"Data carrier detect" input (active-low state)
RIIn"Ring indicator" input (active-low state)
SUSPENDOutHigh when USB bus is busy
SUSPENDOutLow when USB bus is busy
(output is connected to green led)
GPIO.0AND/OInputs / outputs digital General purpose


Conclusions are popular goldpin connectors (2.54 mm pitch) for connecting the sensor via wires or to connect directly attached to plate fixation.

The GPIO pins

The module has four digital output pins that can be controlled via the memory ROM type one-time programming. More details in the documentation.

Changing the value of the operating voltage

CP2104 system voltage selection, which employs the insights. By default it is set to 3.45 V. to change this value to a lower need rozlutować jumper located at the bottom of the module. To output, VIO can be connected to other, lower voltage of 1.8 V.

Specification Converter USB to UART CP2104

  • Operating voltage of 3.45 V ( 5 V allowed)
  • Interface: ISB 2.0
  • Connector: micro usb type B
  • Data transfer rate: 300 bps to 2 Mbps
  • Current consumption: 25 mA
  • Dimensions: 15,3 x 24,2 mm
  • Includes: module and connector goldpin.
Details in the documentation of the chip CP2102.
Our range is also microUSB cable.


  • Converter - chip CP2104
  • Converter - Socket microUSB B
  • Converter - Interface UART


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