Video courses - how to choose versions


Courses, video which version to choose?


 If you purchased a boxed versionThe electronic version
The contents of the trainingthe samethe same

Form books*

File formatmovies on CD or DVDthe file to download to disk
Delivery timewithin a few days, depending on form of deliveryon-line, on the day of purchase
 the CD comes in a nice-looking and durable boxfiles course you can play on your computer without restrictions


*only for selected courses



  • What are the course requirements?

To play requires an Internet browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc.) equipped with Adobe Flash Player version 9 or later. The latest version of Flash Player you can download here: If the movie plays correctly, then you have confidence that the purchased course will work on your computer. Electronic versions are compressed rar files. Before using them you need to decompress using the appropriate program (such as WinRar).


  • How does the purchase of the electronic version?

After confirmation of payment to our account or payment via quick payment, we will send a link to download the course via e-mail .


  • Why is the cost of the electronic version and the boxed one?

Regardless of which version of the course you have chosen, you get a license to use the course on a single computer. With each version of the course, there are certain costs associated. For the boxed version is the cost of packaging and paper and the electronic version is the cost of maintaining the appropriate server. By choosing the electronic version, you do not incur additional costs.


  • As broadband is required to download the purchased files?

A typical course in the electronic version has about 500 MB.


  • Can I save to disk a course in electronic version?

You can make one copy of the purchased course for personal use.