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  • Does having a login and a password is necessary to buy products in your shop?

No, having a login and a password is not necessary. You can buy products without registration, as a guest. This option, however, does not have a possibility to check your order history. At the next order, you have to fill in the informations about the delivery.


  • Can I personally collect the ordered product on the online store?

The Botland company does not run a stationary shop but you can collect the order personally in Gola at number 25A, 63-640 Bralin. We work from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. The order has to be made through our website, at least an hour before planned collection (so the store would have time for its preparation). During ordering, as a delivery option, you shall choose: collection in person and in a comment section you shall specify the collection date. If you want to pay in cash, please, prepare an exact amount on delivery.


  • What is the deadline of the fulfilment of an order?

The deadline of the fulfilment of an order is dependent on the option of the delivery of the package:

  • The GLS courier – the product is delivered on the next workday from the shipment day with 99% effectivness, up to two workdays for smaller locality.
  • Parcel lockers – the InPost company declares the delivery of 98% of the packages on the next day after sending.
  • Poczta Polska (48 Courier) – the package should be delivered in 2-3 workdays after the shipment day.


  • How  does the process of the fulfilment of an order look like?

After ordering, you get a confirmation e-mail and we start preparing the package. When we enter the deposit for the bought product in the books, you get a message and we prepare a document for it (receipt/invoice). The packed order with the documents is passed on to the dispatch.


  • Can I change something in the order?

Unfortunately, no. For the logistic and accounting reasons, there is no possibility to change the made and paid order.


  • Can I check the status of the fulfilment of an order?

The status of an order is visible in the orders history for registrated customers. Buyers without registration, can check the status of the package under this address (by providing the number of the order or the e-mail address). Moreover, the customers get the e-mails generated automatically which  inform about the statuses: the confirmation of the receival of the order, posting the deposit, the delivery of the order.


  • Can I order the product with the option of the abroad delivery?

Yes, the costs of the abroad delivery will appear automatically after providing the address informations and choosing the country. If the orders addressed outside the Poland cost over 500 zł, there is no possibility of free delivery. In this case, the costs of delivery are calculated individually and are sent to the customer after preparing the package.


  • What is the shipping cost?

The shipping cost depends on method of payment and type of delivery (Courier/Mail/Paczkomaty). Rules of pricing reflects the table on the following page:


  • Are all products displayed on the website available?

The site displays pictures of all offered products. If the product is marked with status "awaiting delivery", it means that we have it in stock. If you want to know the planned delivery date, send an email to:


  • Why didn't I get any notifications and confirmations from the store regarding my order?

Please do consider that there could be an error when entering your e-mail address (e.g. missing some characters), which does not allow the mail server to deliver the message. In this case, please contact support store.


  • I got a message about the absence of goods. What now?

That message is sent automatically by the system if there's an item marked with the status "awaiting delivery" in Your cart. It can also happen when you add 5 pieces of the same product to your Cart and we only have 4 pieces in our store. We will contact You to explain the situation.


  • Can I get an invoice for the ordered products?

We issue a VAT invoice. To get an invoice, don't forget to include complete and correct data (you can put them in the order comments). Standard parcel to the attached fiscal receipt proves the purchase.

  • Can I get an invoice that contains the data of the buyer and recipient?

Yes, we can prepare the invoice, on which your data resides both the buyer and recipient. When ordering on our website, the comment must specify: "Please, the information in the invoice data of the buyer and the recipient." Condition of receipt of such invoices is to provide full and correct data on both sides.


  • Can I get a proforma invoice?

Yes, you need to leave information in the comment field when ordering. During the training we will send it to your Inbox email.


  • Can I order by phone?

Unfortunately, there is no option of ordering by phone. The main reasons for it are:

  • by entering delivery details (address or phone number) personally, we avoid errors that could lead to additional costs for the Client
  • this enables to avoid confusion in respect of certain types of products,
  • ordering by phone prevents the email notification on subsequent steps of the order

If you have any problems with your order, contact support of the store.


  • I received different product from the one that was ordered - what to do?

If the attached package is a different product than you ordered, it is crucial to contact us as soon as possible via e-mailPlease attach the photos and all parcels of the given merchandise. This will help us to identify mistakes and will prove beneficial for both parties dealing with the situation. Complaints concerning the absence/other products in the batch are processed within 5 days from the date of delivery. You will also need the Protocol made with the person delivering your package. Remember that you always have the right to check the contents of parcels at the time of its receipt.


  • Can I receive the parcel on Saturday by paying an additional fee?

Yes, but only for delivery by courier GLS. This service is extra pay +30 PLN to the cost standard.


  • Can I receive the parcel at the specified time?

Yes, but only for delivery by courier GLS within large cities. This service is extra pay +30 PLN to the cost standard.


  • At what time will the courier arrive?

Sorry, we have no influence over the date the courier will deliver the goods. Courier and the telephone number is specified in the invoice, and in most cases binds the recipient of the parcel before delivery (to define term). Please contact us if the parcel has not been delivered within two days from the day of sending.


  • Are parcels insured?

Yes, the amount of insurance depends on the chosen carrier:

    • Kurier48 Poczta Polska - 1000 zł
    • GLS - 6000 zł
    • Paczkomaty - 200 zł

We suggest a selection of an appropriate form of delivery depending on order value, so in the case of damaged goods you could receive a full refund from the carrier.