Installation of the Raspberry Pi operating system


Instructions for installing operating system Raspberry Pi

Install the operating system for the Raspberry Pi is quite simple and does not require the user anything other than a computer with a SD card reader. The following is a step-by-step installation process:


The System NOOBs

  • Take the operating system from: the system NOOBs
  • Take and install the software SD Formatter
  • Insert the memory card into the card reader
  • In program SD Formatter:
    • Select the desired disk
    • Click the Option and specify the FORMAT TYPE: QUICK; FORMAT SIZE ADJUSTMENT: ON , and click OK.
    • Click "format"



  • After formatting, copy you previously deployed the contents of the folder with the operating system NOOBs
  • Insert the card in minikomputera, powering up and select a convenient operating system.
  • The initial password for login:
    Username: pi
    Password: raspberry


The System Is Raspbian



  • Przcisk click Write and wait until the installation process is completed.
  • Then, the card inserted into the slot in the Raspberry Pi, connect the monitor, keyboard and power supply. Properly installed the system will boot.


The entrance to the Raspbian OS

The initial password for login:


Username: pi

Password: raspberry




The password you enter is not displayed on the screen (remains blank, not even enough characters ****). It should not, however, to worry about. After entering the correct password and pressed ENTER zalogujemy the system Raspbian.