QWIIC - standard for connecting devices with an

QWIIC - standard connecting devices with I2C interface

QWIIC is a standard connect modules, developed by SparkFun. It allows the connection of sensors, actuators, screens, wires, etc. using the interface is I2C. All modules are equipped with 4-pin connectors facilitate connection and prevent wrong connections.



The main advantages of using QWIIC this:

  • No soldering is needed between the modules that support QWIIC - no need to use 4 separate wires. It is sufficient to use one cable QWIIC
  • Polarized connectors prevent the vicious connections - 4-pin connector prevents reverse connection. There is no problem in thinking where to connect SDA and SCL do not confuse either of the wires GND and VCC.
  • The ability to connect in a circuit for the rapid expansion of the bus - most of the modules QWIIC has a second connector allows you to connect subsequent tiles.


QWIIC connector has a step of 1 mm, in order to save space on the PCB prototype. The standard can be used for any device with I2C interface. It is necessary to use appropriate adapter, for example, JST - QWIIC.

Standard QWIIC


In our offer you will find many products that support the standard QWIIC, for example: