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Botland company works with suppliers from around the world. The following is a list of our major trading partners.


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Botland dystrybutor oryginalnych modułów Arduino

Arduino - manufacturer and inventor of the original modules from the Arduino. There is a free integrated development environment Arduino IDE.


Botland dystrybutor oryginalnych modułów Arduino

Raspberry Pi manufacturer and supplier of popular mini-computers, those born under the sign of Raspberry.


Botland dystrybutor oryginalnych modułów Pololu

Pololu Robtics & Electronics - manufacturer of quality electronic modules and mechanical components. The company's products Pololu thorough, very well tested, have broad support in the form of descriptions and libraries. Tile has carefully superimposed green lacquer.


Botland dystrybutor oryginalnych modułów SparkFun

SparkFun Electronics - manufacturer of high quality modules and systems. The company's products SparkFun they are thoroughly executed, very well tested, have broad support in the form of descriptions and libraries. Tile has a carefully applied red nail Polish.

5Botland dystrybutor oryginalnych modułów Adafruit

Adafruit - manufacturer of high quality modules and systems. The company's products Adafruit they are carefully done very well tested, have broad support in the form of descriptions and libraries. Tile has carefully superimposed black lacquer.

6Botland dystrybutor oryginalnych modułów Farnell

Farnell is the official distributor of the popular minikomputera Raspberry Pi, together with accessories. The company Farnell is known for its solidity and reliability, has one of the largest warehouses of electronic components worldwide.


Botland dystrybutor oryginalnych pamięci GoodRam

GoodRam (Wilk Elektronik) is the only major supplier of the recording medium in the European market. In your offer is manufactured from the highest quality materials, memory cards, SSD, memory, and popular USB flash drive. They are based on the best components and technology to Toshiba. Most of the device has a lifetime manufacturer's warranty.

8Botland dystrybutor oryginalnych pamięci MSX Elektronika

Electronics MSX - a Polish company engaged in the development and production of high-quality electronic modules. Products MSX carefully characterized by lacquer in black color.


Botland dystrybutor oryginalnych pamięci PiMoroni

Pimoroni is a distributor of accessories for the popular Raspberry Pi minikomputera. Supplied as a USB device, as the case for the popular Raspberry.


Botland dystrybutor oryginalnych pamięci HiFIberry

HiFiBerry - manufacturer of high quality soundcards designed for minikomputera Raspberry Pi. The provider offers a wide range of products, thanks to which you can easily build a high quality system dystrybuji sound.


Botland dystrybutor oryginalnych pamięci Waveshare

Waveshare - manufacturer of electronic components, sensors and modules, compatible with Arduino and Raspberry Pi.


Botland dystrybutor oryginalnych pamięci Seeed Studio

Seeed Studio - manufacturer of electronic components, sensors and modules, compatible with Arduino and Raspberry Pi.


Botland dystrybutor oryginalnych pamięci Modulowo

Modular - Polish company engaged in the design and manufacture of electronic modules. The products of this company have a wide support of the manufacturer.


Botland dystrybutor oryginalnych pamięci DFRobot

DFRobot - manufacturer of electronics and mechanical accessories to create robots, and not only.
15Elektrobim - system manufacturer home automation, and industrial. Offers high quality electric actuators with professional management. Provider following the ever-evolving technology allows drinking to raise the standard of living and to try luxury for a reasonable price.
16Odroid - popular miniature high power computers. Odroid was created 10 years ago and since then enjoys unflagging interest. It was the world's first portable gaming device for Android. Miniature computers working Odroid with Ubuntu 14.04 and Android 4.2. Advantages are, of course, quiet operation, average power consumption of 2 ~ 5 and small dimensions.
17NanoPi - the producer of some of the most powerful currently available minicomputers.
18BleBox - manufacturer of modules used to build intelligent buildings. Thanks to the brand products Blebox Your house turn into a comfortable, economical and safe. Innovative solutions allow You to control the surrounding reality. The gate opens when you get home from work, the temperature will adapt to the weather, and the shutters and lighting can be controlled while on vacation.
19ArduCam - supplier of a wide range of camera modules for the popular mini-computer Arduino and Raspberry Pi. Camera Arducam for the Raspberry Pi are a very important complement standard cameras a popular option. The company provides products dopsowanane for various conditions, including type lens fisheye, night camera, or spy camera. This allows for a much wider application than a standard web cameras pi.
20Botland - oficjalny dystrybutor BBC microbitBBC Micro:bit educational kits for beginners in electronics and robotyków.
21Botland - oficjalny dystrybutor AtnelAtnel - Polish company with a passion for programming. Every fan of the MCU, of course, knows the publication of the proposal of the company Atnel.
22Botland - oficjalny dystrybutor DaguDoug - supplier popular parts for building a robot (wheels, motors, chassis, kits for self-Assembly) for fans.
23Botland - oficjalny dystrybutor robotów DOBOTDobot is a manufacturer specialized the shoulders of robots and 3D printers. Products characterized by high quality of material, concern for accuracy.
24Botland - oficjalny dystrybutor ItbrainpowerItbrainpower provider offers a wide variety of antennas, and modules for communication in standards GSM/GPRS/SMS/DTMF working with minikomputerami popular Arduino and Raspberry Pi. These products allow you to create projects to enroll in the latest technological trends.
25Botland - oficjalny dystrybutor obudów KradexKradex - Polish manufacturer of plastic. A wide range of products allows you to choose the right case for each project electronic.
26Botland - oficjalny dystrybutor Pi SupplyPI Supply - supplier of enclosures and modules compatible with Raspberry Pi.
27Botland - oficjalny dystrybutor PiMoroniPimoroni - a supplier with a wide range of accessories for minikomputera Raspberry Pi.
28Botland - oficjalny dystrybutor farb przewodzący prądBare Conductive is one of the most innovative companies in the field of printed electronics in the UK. Produces a package of printed electronic products that allow the integration of electronics directly into the environment. Their conductive paint and easy to use development kits allow each prototyping electronic vision of the future.
29Botland - oficjalny dystrybutor Onion IoTOnion IoT - provider of one of the smallest available on the market of IoT modules that are running Linux. The company's flagship product - minikomputer Omega2 is easy to use, even for people who are just starting their adventure with programming. The provider offers numerous pads and accessories to make the implementation of the project is quick and intuitive, making the creation becomes passion.
30Botland - oficjalny dystrybutor minikomputerów Banana PiBanana Pi is one of the leading suppliers, which in its offer has a miniature computers with high-performance CPU. It provides in sales, in particular, Banana Pi M3 is the most powerful module with ośmiordzeniowym processor. The offer also includes numerous accessories, specialty products Banana Pi.
31Botland - oficjalny dystrybutor narzędzi YATO TOYAYato is a leading manufacturer and distributor of power tools and hand tools. Products are made from high quality steel, using modern technology. Designed primarily for use in diy "DIY", as well as in households. They differ in affordable prices, modern design and good ergonomics work.