Eura-tech Eura CGD-35A2 - carbon and gas sensor 2in1 230V*

A sensor that determines the concentration of carbon monoxide (CO) and natural gas and LPG in the air. It is powered with the  230V AC voltage. It is used for warning about the dangerous for human, gases, by sound and optical signal.

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Product description: Eura-tech Eura CGD-35A2 - sensor of carbon monoxide and gas 2in1 230 V

A sensor that determines the concentration of carbon monoxide (CO) and natural gas and LPG in the air. It is powered with the  230V AC voltage. It is used for warning about the dangerous for human, gases, by sound and optical signal. The sensor determines the signaling concentration of CO from 300 ppm and gas from 10 % LEL (lower explosive limit). It has a Test button to verify the correct operation of the device and shutdown of the alarm.


Before connecting, see the instructions attached to the kit.

The mounting location of Eura CGD-35A2

The sensor must be installed in a room where there is a danger of excessive concentration of one of the most dangerous gases. Installation altitude depends on what kind of gas can cause the greatest danger:

  • Carbon monoxide - the mounting height of the head (e.g. in the living room, it is about 1.7 m, and in the bedroom - 0.7 m)
  • Propane-butane LPG gas - installation as low as possible to the earth
  • Natural gas - installation above 1.5 m from the floor

Specification of the sensor of carbon monoxide and gas Eura CGD-35A2

  • Carbon monoxide sensor: electrochemical sensor of CO from the company Figaro
  • Gas sensor: semiconductor
  • Power supply: 230 V AC
  • Working temperature: from 4 °C to 38 °C
  • Humidity: up to 90 %
  • Current consumption:
    • Standby mode: up to 13 mA
    • Work: up to 22 mA
  • Range of operation: approx. 20 to 25 m2
  • Degree of protection: IP20
  • Alarm: 85dB acoustic alarm and optical alarm
  • Buttons: test
  • NO - NC relay output
  • The minimum concentration detected:
    • 300 PPM - for carbon monoxide
    • up to 10 % LEL - for gases
  • Dimensions: 110 x 70 x 45 mm
  • Weight: 190 g

Eura-tech Eura CGD-35A2 - czujnik czadu i gazu 2w1 230 V

Sensor CGD-35A2 finds application in:

  • home boiler rooms with stoves of CO fired with the solid fuels and inflammable gas

  • kitchens. bathrooms equipped with gas devices
  • local garages for cars with LPG installation
  • school physical-chemical laboratories
  • public areas

Each sensor CGD-35A2 was tested in Polish laboratories for the operation correctness. The following video shows the measurement procedure.

  • Sensor - service device
  • Smart Home Gas sensor


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