Grove - relay

Grove – relay

Welcome to our store Botland in the category in which we present to You the relay from the system modules Grove. Thanks to full compatibility with mobile mini-computers such as Arduino or Raspberry Pi, you can quickly and easily implement their various projects. We are looking to purchase all electronics hobbyists, for professionals and beginners, and in case of any problems or uncertainties, our technical Department is at Your disposal and will be happy to help.

A wide selection of relay Grove

Grove – relay is a category where You will find the modules from the Grove relay. What may be useful to relay? This equipment electrical and electronic intended to change the state of a circuit or multiple output circuits, when the conditions of entrance. The device responds to changes in input values, such as temperature change or voltage, and when exceeding this value, the output signal varies as a rule from on to off or Vice versa.

A variety elektrourządzeń

In our store Botland we offer You high quality products, selected from thousands of different items available on the market, while maintaining an attractive price. In the category of the Grove – relay is available to you interesting relay as one -or multi-channel is also optically isolated. We invite you to familiarize with our offer, not only in this section. We guarantee satisfaction with purchases and fast delivery.

Types of relays

Department Grove – relay is a specially selected high end accessories at affordable prices. The same relay can be divided into several categories, such as electromagnetic, which operate on the principle of the electromagnet, static, where no movable elements, digital, timers and more. It is mentioned earlier optoizolacja? This separation of the individual circuits by the control signals, thanks to optoizolatora. They are used to protect expensive elements of the system.