Grove - buttons, keys and joysticks

Grove - buttons, keys and joysticks

Category in our store that we created specifically for the masters and electronics I love all the buttons, work and play. Large selection ensures that everyone will find here something for yourself and your project, and attractive prices will not destroy the household budget. Our technical Department will gladly answer Your questions and doubts and the purchasing Department sends the ordered goods as soon as possible. We invite you to make a purchase in our online store Botland!

Control electronics

I think everyone, imagining himself to control any device or robot, with the eyes of imagination we see them in the form of buttons, keys or joysticks. Category in our store, the Grove - buttons, keys and joysticks provides all the elements necessary to manage Your system. This is one of the most simple circuits, and with their support he should handle each. Full compatibility with minikomputerami available on the market, which makes we can easily extend the functionality of our model.

To play or not to play, that is the question.

Thinking about a joystick rather, we see the pilot of the plane. This Association is not accidental - pilot during the flight should be easy to maneuver the machine, and the simplest method is the joystick. Department Grove - buttons, keys and joysticks allows designing and creating a working model of the control plane. Keyboard drążkowy in our store and is compatible with popular systems such as Arduino or Raspberry Pi. Feel like Tom cruise in “Top Gun” and face new challenges with the self-built controller.

A wide range of modules and articles

Grove in the category - buttons, keys and joysticks we have collected the most popular modules from the Grove while maintaining attractive prices. You can choose one of the potentiometers, modules, sensory or six directions joystickach. Every artist looking for management for your model, you will find here everything he is looking for, and thanks to standardization Grove you have confidence that the modules are compatible with each other and work without interference. We invite you to purchase, and in case of doubt, please contact us, we would be happy to help!