Grove - motor drivers

Grove - motor drivers

In this category of our store You will find a multi-channel drivers for motors and servos. Through the use of accessories from the connect Grove modules without soldering. Series Grove compatible with mobile mini-computers that provides stable operation without interference and problems with the connection of the individual elements. The modules are equipped with special connectors. We invite you to shop specially selected quality products at attractive prices.

Engines and serwomechanizmy

In section Grove motor drivers we offer drivers for motors and servos. This is the main element that allows control of machines, robots or automation systems. A wide range of engines on the market such as stepper, vibration or DC leads to the fact that there is a need of conformity driver for this motor, given various adjustments and settings. Application series modules Grove minimizes the risk of errors and facilitates the connection with the corresponding accessories. Thanks to full compatibility with popular mini-computers such as Arduino or Raspberry Pi, they make it easy to attach the necessary modules for our model.

Save your time and money

When we begin the adventure with majsterkowaniem electronic, construction layout seems difficult. Through the use of elements from the same series, as, for example, Grove allows you to minimize the time needed to work, so you can focus on other design tasks. In section Grove motor drivers we provide the accessories that are needed in each of the moving equipment. Through the use of drivers, we provide the ability to adjust the direction of flight or drive away, as well as its speed.

Wide selection and attractive prices

We guarantee high quality accessories at affordable prices, and in case of doubts or questions, our technical Department is at Your disposal. Don't stay more and join the ranks of our satisfied customers - check out how fast uzależnicie from the rich world of electronics. Join this unique community that will cope in any situation.