Grove displays

Grove Displays

Displays often represent an indispensable element of the device, through which you can view the measurement results, e.g. temperature sensors. Our shop, wanting to provide wide range, has a range of LED displays, and OLED matrix with the Grove connectors. You don't have to look for the necessary elements in a few places because we provide all necessary accessories, tailored to Your needs. Time searching, be better spent to drink a good Cup of coffee and safely make purchases in a single, trusted shop, which Botland.

What the eye does not see...

The old adage, and checks, even in such a trivial case like displays. What is an electronic device that tells us the hours or the pressure, but it does not display? Otherwise, how can we get the information we need? In such situations, a device without a display, it would be pointless, and their use will bring comfort and ease of life. Using our products, we use modern solutions and to enjoy a comfortable use, even in a variety of colors. In order to provide You not only comfort, but also attractive look, we provide access to displays in the full color spectrum RGB, so that everyone can find their visual ideal.

Display types

In our offer You will find a wide selection of different displays. We have displays with fantastic colours and high brightness of the display. This allows for reliable and clear to read, even in the most difficult conditions. In addition, we can choose between monitors with different number of segments. For example, we can choose to display 7-segment display, which allows you to view four digits with the colon and also some letters. However, we can use display 14-segment that has a module with dual alphanumeric display. It all depends on its use, and we're doing everything we can to provide You with a range for all occasions.

What more could you want?

Can it to work - we do care that our products were of the highest quality. By buying our products, complete with attached leads series Grove and wires adapted to overlay Seeed studio Base Shield v2.0. Our offered screens operate with a supply voltage from 3.3 V to 5 V. here You will Find the modules Groove, which is fully compatible with Arduino and Raspberry Pi. In case you have any questions or problems with the choice, we invite you to contact our technical Department.