Grove - base lining

Arduino Uno R3 is one of the most popular tiles Arduino with the inception of this platform in the market in 2005. When creating more complex projects that consume large amounts of electrical wiring, devices, sensors, or LEDs, may occur with a high probability of error, which resulted in the project will not work correctly, and finding errors can be time consuming. Thanks nakładkom basic Grove easy to avoid this problem and also with the help of a structured system of connectors, you can easily associate the baseplate Grove with plates Arduino.

Grove Base Shield V2 - a combination of multilateral functionality, and convenient and safe service

The successor to the V1.3, is a practical solution as the bus connecting sleeve for Grove modules, allowing you to create unique projects. Diagram of the female connectors in blue color, compatible with Arduino plates and special plates Arduino Shield. In case of wrong connection of external modules to connectors on the Base Shield, Your project won't work, but, in addition, will not occur any damage. Depending on the type of outdoor unit and executable function, it must be connected to a dedicated connector located on the Board Base Shield. Connectors A0 - A3 represent the analog inputs of a Converter analog-to-digital and allow you to connect the potentiometer module or microphone. Connector D2 - D8 allow the connection of devices sending or receiving the logic state (high or low), such as, for example, relays, LEDs (connected via resistor) or button. Connector puzzle No. 1 marked “UART” for connection with serial interface to Arduino. Connector D3, D5 and D6, in addition, allow you to generate the PWM signal, which in order, in proportion, can be controlled, for example, the rotation speed of the electric motor or the brightness of the LEDs. And the LCD module, connect to the connector labeled “I2C”. In addition to green lighting, lining the base Grove have a built in RESET button for the Arduino and a jumper to select power supply voltage (3.3 V or 5.0 V).

Connect the Grove with the Raspberry Pi!

Thanks to the pad base GrovePi+, you can connect up to 15 modules for the Raspberry Pi, Grove. Trim is compatible with Raspberry Pi models A-series, B and B+, and to connect it to the Raspberry Pi does not require soldering or connecting indirectly via a plate contact. Programming you can start immediately after connection of the plates with each other. In our assortment you will find more than 100 different plug-in series Grove, which through the pad GrovePi+ can be controlled using the Raspberry Pi. The panel supports communication via UART and SPI and allows you to easily connect the camera modules and LCD display and a convenient updating of the specialized software. With think about the users of the smaller “toys”, the company Seeed Studio has designed the pad base GrovePi Zero, prototyping enables faster and easier. Because of this you will be able to create, expand and run their projects in the shortest possible time, including IoT projects without the need of additional contact plates and wires. To overlay the base can connect all modules in series Grove, such as, for example, distance sensors, light, temperature, moisture, as well as buttons and displays, allowing You to create even the most complex prototype.