Grove - starter kit

The Arduino platform is already recognized around the world. Thanks to this Italian manufacturer, the world of programmable electronics and robots has become available to thousands of people. Arduino is rightly seen as a comprehensive work tool used by professional embedded system designers. Arduino is also an educational tool for people with basic experience with electronics who are taking their first steps in programming.

Arduino has gained such enormous popularity primarily due to the highest quality electronic equipment and open source software. Arduno software (e.g. Arduino IDE) is characterized by simple operation, and there are a lot of extensions in the form of compatible external modules (Arduino overlays). For beginner embedded system designers, we have prepared Grove starter kits from Seeedstudio. Thanks to them, you can easily and quickly build interesting projects of practical devices. Meet the Grove starter kits for Arduino here!

Grove starter kits – unlimited expansion possibilities without soldering

Grove starter kits offered here by the Botland online store contain small sensor and control modules that can easily be combined with Arduino boards. It's the perfect equipment to start with, because it doesn't require any complicated work. In addition, it is always possible to expand the set you have with additional tiles and modules.

You can connect the Grove starter kit without soldering and connecting external contact plates. Each of the sensor modules is placed on a 2cm x 2cm PCB and is equipped with a 4-pin mini-molex male connector with a 2.00mm pitch. Thanks to this, it is possible to connect the module to the Grove base plate using a 20cm four-wire tape terminated with a 4-pin mini-molex female connector with a 2.00mm pitch.

The sensor modules included in the Grove starter kit include products such as capacitive touch sensor, potentiometer, servo mechanism, microphone, temperature sensor, as well as a light sensor based on the LDR photoresistor. However, this is not all - the possibilities of expansion depend mainly on your needs and imagination!

Not only sensors – compatibility of Grove modules

The modules from the Grove series presented in this category are very universal. The devices work easily with various sensors, but that's not all. Grove series modules can also work with other modules that perform practical functions. Examples of modules for Grove systems include:

- 16x2 LCD display - perfect for building a control panel for various technological processes,

- 35V / 1A relay - used to control increased loads such as electric motors or contactors for switching high currents,

- piezo signaling device (buzzer) - module for generating warning sound signals,

- LED modules (red, green, blue) - they are responsible for optical signaling, they can be implemented for toy robots as well as practical solutions, e.g. smoke detection system or electric entrance gate,

- servo - for servo control; placed in remote-controlled cars and more;

- push-button module - enables control of various processes using convenient buttons!

Of course, the above modules are examples. In fact, Grove systems are compatible with an even larger categories of electronic modules.

Complete sets with manufacturer’s support

Each starter kit in the Botland store’s offer is elegantly packed in a solid plastic box with compartments. Each part looks great and is properly secured. In each set bought in the Botland store you will also find a manual containing a description of particular projects tailored to beginners. Among the information you will also read about what are examples of applications using Grove modules. In turn, ready program files for individual applications contained in the instructions can be downloaded for free from the Seeed Studio website. It is enough to upload them to Arduino according to the step-by-step procedure on the manufacturer's website. Thanks to this, you can start playing robotics both yourself, using your own ideas, as well as using a lot of proposals prepared by the manufacturer and the Botland store.

Grove starter kits are one of the easiest ways to start the adventure with sensor programming because the construction of these modules is not very complicated. What's more, these plates are fully compatible with the Arduino base plates, as well as with other embedded systems such as Raspberry Pi or BeagleBone. They will also be successfully used in IoT projects. We invite you to place orders. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us!