Grove - starter kit

The Arduino platform has established itself as a versatile tool for use by professional designers of embedded systems, as well as a tutorial for people with basic experience with electronics, who put their first steps in programming. A large number of users around the world, thanks to the Arduino hardware and software open-source, easy and simple maintenance, and a variety of functions in the form of Arduino-compatible modules external. For novice designers of embedded systems, we have prepared a Grove starter kit from Seeedstudio, with which you can in a simple and quick way to build interesting projects of practical devices.

Without soldering and without contact of the plates!

We offer in our store kits Grove contain a small sensor modules and controls which can be easily combined to work together with the tile Arduino, without soldering and connecting the outer contact plates. Each of the modules, sensors placed on the PCB with a size of 2 cm x 2 cm and is equipped with a 4-pin pin-type connector mini-molex 2.00 mm increments, which allows you to connect the module to the base tile Grove, with czteroprzewodowej tape length 20 cm, terminated 4-pin female connector type mini-molex in increments of 2.00 mm. Among modules, sensors included in the starter kits Grove, you will find, in particular, the capacitive touch sensor, potentiometer, servo, microphone, temperature sensor, or the light sensor based on LDR fotorezystorze.

Not only sensors!

In addition to sensors, modules, series Grove also cooperate with other modules that perform practical functions. Among them are m. in:

- LCD display 16x2 - perfect for creating a control panel of various technological processes;

relay 35V / 1A - wzmożonymi to control loads, such as motors or contactors for high current switching;

- siren piezo (buzzer) for generating audible signals;

- modules with backlight (red, green, blue) - for optical, for example, the state of the wings, electric entrance gate;

- servo for the throttle control (the so-called " gas”) on cars with remote control;

module push button - makes possible the implementation of different management processes.

Full sets with support from the manufacturer!

Each starter set in the store Botland, elegantly packaged in a sturdy plastic box with dividers. In the kit you will also find the user manual containing the description of the individual modules are adapted for beginners, as well as examples of applications involving modules Grove. Ready-made software files for individual applications contained in the manual, you can download from the company website Seeed Studio, and then upload to the Arduino, in accordance with the procedure described step by step on the manufacturer's website. Starter kits Grove is one of the easiest ways to start an adventure with programming sensors, but their design ensures compatibility with the base plate Arduino and other embedded systems such as Raspberry Pi or BeagleBone. Will also find application in the projects of the Internet of things.