Grove - distance sensors, motion and gesture

The control panel is a key element in most industrial applications, and automotive. Together with the increasing complexity of the control and depending on external conditions (including environmental), the traditional control panel interface is equipped with buttons and switches may be insufficient, and, moreover, make it difficult to manage a specific process. One solution to this problem is the use of proximity sensors that respond to gestykulację operator. In this role, perfectly suited to the Grove sensor modules, which react to movement and gestykulację person.

Universal application for contactless control

The first implementation of device sensors for contactless control, has been used for the detection of an approaching object toward the sensor, and in response sends a signal triggering to start the corresponding process. Automatic, soap dispenser, lighting ganków on construction sites, hand dryers, devices, ancillary Parking in the car using contactless sensors as input information. For this purpose, distance sensors, the circuit resemble the dip switches, and sensors gestures that recognize movement gestykulacyjne operator in three dimensions, and thus allow you to manipulate objects in an intuitive way. Management gestykulacyjne allows the user to also fit the answers of the managed object within the range of the movement performed viewed through the sensor. This is one of the key functions in the systems to support the games and videos.

Gesture recognition using infrared sensors

System for contactless control in a complex video game consoles use lasers and special cameras that capture the movements of the player. Due to the possibility of detection of various simple movements, simple motion sensors have found application in ELECTRONICS devices, electrical musical instruments, as well as in the automotive industry. For example, changing the radio station in a non-contact, require swipe hand left or right side, in the field of view of the sensor. A volume adjustment may be performed by close-up or distance your hand from the sensor. In such applications, the most technically convenient and affordable option is the use of infrared light sensors (IR). One of the simplest images, the IR sensors consist of two diodes that emit infrared light (emitter) and located between the IR receiver. Radiation received from the IR emitter, as a rule, has the characteristics of high directivity. When machasz hand from the transmitter sensor the IR radiation reflected from the surface of the light radiation is detected by the IR receiver will be marked by a change in intensity proportional to, the movement - for example, performing a hand movement from left to right of the sensor, the amplitude of the signal from the IR emitter will change and similarly in the opposite direction of movement of the hand. Then, the sensor IR radiation sends a signal to the microcontroller, which with preset program analyzes the input data for the execution speed of the gesture and its kinds and directions, and then depending on these factors, sends control signals to the appropriate output devices.