Grove - accelerometers and gyroscopes

Actuators are devices that convert one type of measurement to another, for example, through the inclusion in the motion of the object caused by the supply signal (most often in the form of electric current or voltage corresponding to the threshold value, causing the actuation of an actuator), operating the object sensor. The result is change in the object in the form of, for example, create heat, the translational motion of mechanical parts, commissioning of the lighting, or audible warning signal. We offer modules series actuators Grove, will help You in creating an interesting and practical devices, for example, the building automation.

The main differences between sensors and aktuatorami

The sensor device work on the principle of conversion from the original physical quantity (e.g. temperature), the measured signal voltages and the actuators convert the signal voltage corresponding to a physical process, depending on the design and purpose on the actuator. For the measuring system, the output signal from the sensor is the source of the input information, while aktuator is triggered by the output signal from the measuring system. Magnetometers, microphones, cameras, buttons, and potentiometers is an example of a device sensor, which provides information on the entrance. In turn, LEDs, motor drivers, speakers, or lasers belong to the group of actuators.

Drives Grove is a small and practical

One of the most popular examples of Executive bodies in practice, is a stepper motor, which controls the speed of rotation and direction of rotation is to be made by feeding pulses and the bridge of the “H”. A stepper motor can be used in devices in which exactly defines the position of the object, for example, a robot arm. With the help of the Executive bodies of the Grove, you can also build a game console, equipped with a vibrating alarm as well as a training platform that will help to physically describe the exposure to electromagnetic fields and the principle of operation of machines and devices operating on the basis of the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction. And the motor module DC wiatraczkiem together with the control unit, based on the Atmega168, in addition, will allow you to start the game with the management of the Grove and not only.