Games PI - games consoles

In the category “Gaming " PI " is a game Console” you will find many kinds of devices which in cooperation with the relevant modules can be a great tools for computer games. The greatest popularity include the sets that will play the so-called retro games such as Mario or other Nintendo iconic position. Basically it sets for self-Assembly. Some of them have included an appropriate model of the Raspberry Pi Board (e.g. Raspberry Pi 3 B+), while some of them require pre-acquisition of such a device.

Games PI - games consoles

Miniature computers Raspberry Pi is a versatile device that gives a lot of opportunities to adapt to different tasks after appropriate training, they can be used in almost every sphere. Well established in industrial automation as a driver for intelligent buildings, and is also popular among electronics and robotyków or students of technical subjects. Ideal also as a means of entertainment, like computer games.

How to use a Raspberry Pi for games?

Mini-computer Raspberry Pi can play computer games or console games, as well as create your own. Several producers decided to revive its former position and foods that cause nostalgia among players. This, incidentally, is very reminiscent of the design of ancient objects - for example, those that mimic the old type of controller for the Super Nintendo. Products are designed to connect via a USB port for tile and have prepared a power supply. We offer, among other things, the set in which there are two pads for this game, and a special case made on the model of the 16-bit console SNES. The game can be set on “suck”, using, for example from a flash drive (any external USB hard drive), connect via SSH or from a network Samba server. All the products have accordingly prepared instructions that will help the inexperienced user installing the game on minikomputerze. Devices of this type are created, among other things, from the manufacturer named RetroPie. The company Picade Arcade performs as special sets for self-Assembly, which will remodel the machines with displays 8 and 10 inches. In the package there is a special trim for the Raspberry Pi (Picade X HAT) special display, joystick, buttons, speakers, all necessary cables and body parts.