Games PI - games consoles

Are you a keen player? Or maybe you haven't yet found the perfect playing environment for yourself that fully meets your expectations? So maybe you'll try to design and create your own gaming tool? Use the Raspberry Pi microcomputer and the kits and accessories available in our store to create a unique device for hobbyists as well as experienced and long-standing players. Particularly popular are the kits that enable playing retro games, i.e. iconic games, famous even in the previous century. They provided a lot of fun and were able to strongly motivate to take action and start the next level. Mario Bros is a well-known title, and Nintendo still has a large group of fans who would like to take a journey into the past and take up the challenge once again. This is what Raspberry Pi and game modules provide. Most of the kits we offer are designed for self-assembly, which is easy and certainly everyone can handle it easily. In some sets there is a suitable board model dedicated for a particular type of Raspberry Pi. However, we also offer those that do not include the device, so we recommend them especially to those who already own Raspberry.

Build your own game console with Raspberry Pi on board

It's amazing that such a small device as the Raspberry Pi microcomputer can do so much, and it's great for developers and robotics as well as players. With its help, you can both create your own gaming console and enjoy the unique gaming experience of a bygone era. Some are no longer available on the market, causing a lot of annoyance. Just remember the Super Nintendo game that you played with a special controller. To go back to those times, decide on a module reminiscent of the construction of the old devices. The set includes a properly prepared power supply, and the products are designed to connect them to the board using a USB port. You will also find two pads in the set, as well as a case that perfectly reflects the character of a 16-bit SNES console. Installation of games is very easy and can be done in several ways. Use any external USB drive, Samba network server or SSH protocol.

To make installation even easier, use the instructions that come with each set so that you can play the game as quickly as possible without any complications, even if this is your first time with Raspberry. The example set includes a Raspberry Pi cap, joystick, loudspeaker, display, buttons, casing and connection cables. Furthermore, you will also find devices from Picade Arcade that are specialized in self-assembly kits. These are reconstructions of the iconic 8- and 10-inch display machines.

Raspberry Pi as the core of your gaming experience

The famous Raspberry first entered the market in 2012, when there were no more iconic retro games and the world was already in the high-tech era. This, however, did not prevent the producers from creating unique modules that would allow them to feel the vibe of that time. With Raspberry Pi you will move into the world of Mario and Super Nintendo, you will experience more than one adventure with your favorite characters. Raspberry Pi is a microcomputer that is very well equipped with advanced technology. It is used for intelligent systems in the field of electrical and robotics. It is perfect for programming, but it can also be a gaming entertainment center. Adults will be able to remember the times when they spent long hours in front of game consoles, sometimes organizing competitions with friends. Children, who don't feel like living in those days, will surely rediscover the world of entertainment, in a slightly different way than what they know today.

Will you create your own game console?