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Car accessories improve the comfort of travel not only during long trips and during short trips. Use them as professional drivers and people who occasionally sit behind the wheel. In our store presents a wide range of accessories, so every vehicle owner can choose a product suitable for your preferences. Some models are powered by car cigarette lighter, making is characterized by a wide use of and cooperation with almost any vehicle available on the market.

Useful car accessories

The store Botland you will find, in particular silicone pads which prevent movement, phone, keys and other small items located on the dashboard, as under heavy braking and the dynamic acceleration and driving on rough roads. We offer different sizes of washers, making fit a specific model for your needs-no problem. In our range you will also find extremely useful clutch that allows instant connection of wires without the need to travel to remove the insulation. Another accessory is a soldering iron reference, the power of the previously mentioned cigarette lighter. The small size combined with high performance make this type of automotive accessories is invaluable, for example, in the case of a power outage. during the far away. In addition, the proposal Botland you will find compact transmitery to wirelessly stream music and calls directly on the audio system in the car. Moreover, additional functionality in the form of effective charger greatly increases the possibility of using this type of accessory.

Other automobile accessories

Our assortment includes modules for diagnostics to test the operation of various vehicle systems, with the aim of finding possible errors. A device of this type can be used with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and other minikomputerami. In Botland we also offer portable chargers for batteries with a voltage of 230 V, equipped in easy-to-read, fuel gauge. In addition, you can buy a set of Parking sensors, characterized by incredible precision and small size. In the kit you receive all the necessary mounting elements, allowing for independent installation. Car accessories available in our store are not only good for the price quality performance and durability, even with intensive use.


Depending on the specific product, accessories vary in use. In our offer you can find all sets of instruments include, in particular, to the meter pressure tyre, jump leads and a screwdriver, which can be invaluable in case of minor damage of the car, especially during a long deployment. A closed set in a compact suitcase is made of lightweight but durable material. In Botland store you'll find also warning lights LED with multiple modes of operation, as well as a very loud siren that connects to the cigarette lighter socket.