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Additional tools and car accessories can be useful for every driver and mechanic in the workshop or garage. Thanks to such practical accessories, you will be able to enrich your car from the functional side, as well as make minor repairs and service activities, also when stationary during a long journey. Carrying out quick, simple repairs will allow you to significantly save time and money during visits to an authorized car service station. Car accessories are divided into universal and seasonal. Universal parts and accessories include, among others sets of bulbs and all kinds of gadgets that make driving easier and more enjoyable, including hands-free kits, car chargers, sun visors, as well as practical phone holders. Each driver's must-have should include specialist car accessories for the winter, such as smart car battery chargers, jump start car cables or snow removal accessories. In keeping the car interior clean, a compressor will be useful, which is also an excellent tool for minor repairs, just like a car soldering iron. Our offer is constantly expanded with new products made of high quality and functionality

Useful car accessories when travelling and when stationary

During a long journey by car, it can sometimes happen that the car breaks down. For this reason, tools such as hexagonal wrenches, hex wrenches, Torx-type wrenches, a flashlight, a soldering iron or a compressor turn out to be an extremely useful accessory. The offer of the Botland store includes, among others just such tools. Both the driver and passengers will love the transmitters that allow wireless connection to a smartphone for making voice calls, as well as for playing music and movies - via Bluetooth and FM. This device does support micro SD cards and media streaming via USB too. What's more, the additional functionality in the form of an efficient phone charger significantly increases the possibilities of using this type of accessory. Practical use when driving a car, there are also other small accessories - such as, for example, anti-slip rubber pads, which prevent the wallet, phone, keys and other small items on the dash from moving, both during sudden braking and when driving on deformed surfaces. We offer various sizes of rubber pads so that matching a specific model to your needs is not a problem. In our assortment, you will also find very useful electrical quick connectors that allow you to connect wires in a flash without the need to remove insulation. This way, you will be able to quickly perform simple repairs and continue your trip after the failure has been repaired. We also offer dashcam recorders, phone holders for mounting on the windshield and air vent, DC/AC power inverters, automotive fuses, car chargers, GPS trackers, navigation systems, coating thickness testers and many other useful car accessories.

Useful car tools

The offer of the Botland store also includes practical car tools, such as diagnostic interfaces compliant with the OBD2 standard. This interface allows you to check individual messages, including errors and faults in the engine, drive system, electrical system and other car components. The OBDII interface can also work with popular single-board computers for embedded projects, such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi and BeagleBoard. In the Botland store, we also sell portable battery chargers powered by AC 230 V, equipped with a readable charge indicator. Besides, you can also buy parking sensors with high accuracy and small dimensions. Thanks to this, you will be able to park your car easily and safely, even in the most unfavourable conditions. Car accessories offered by the Botland store are a guarantee of high quality and affordable price. Besides, we offer practical accessories that can be useful for the initial checking of the basic safety features of the car and simple repairs. We offer, among others tire pressure gauges, jump start car cables, screwdriver sets, LED flashlights, LED beacons and chargers for simultaneous connection of several phones.