Converters automotive

Automotive converters are extremely useful not only during long trips and during short trips. Allow free use of devices that require voltage of 230V. Allows you to connect to standard car cigarette lighter socket, which is available in almost every car. Voltage converters can be used, in particular, to power laptops, tablets, mobile phones, cameras and other devices that do not require large amounts of energy. The model that we offer are compact in size and relatively low weight so they are very mobile and do not occupy much space in the trunk.

Voltage converters for car

The store Botland you will find a wide variety of models, differing from each other, in particular, technical parameters and purpose. For users who use devices with very low power consumption, we strongly recommend that the inverter provides 200 WATTS of power in continuous mode and up to 400 WATTS in moments of great energy demand. The use of extremely popular USB port allows you to charge a wide range of devices. This kind of device is sufficient for stable supply and efficient charging small electronic devices and a good balance of price and performance that makes them ideal for drivers who regularly make very long distances.

Security systems applied in frequency converters

The device is available in our store, equipped with a very useful overload protection, and thermal antyzwarciowe ensuring safe use, not only for connected devices, but also the Converter. In case of activation of protection device, it automatically turns off. Then you must reduce the load, for example, by disconnecting one equipment. Moreover, the converters for the machine available in our range, have a built-in alarm to notify user about low battery. Built-in powerful fan is responsible for maintaining the optimum temperature, ensures stable operation of the device. For more demanding users, we recommend models offer more power, respectively, 300 or 500 watts, so the power of a larger number of electronic devices is not a problem.

Popular converters automotive

In Botland store you will find converters that can be connected to the car via the cigarette lighter, but also directly to the battery via krokodylków. All cables included and have a sufficient length and flexibility to be able to freely use it with the inverter. High quality performance, combined with durability, make that device available in our online store willingly choose not only professional drivers but also people who rarely use a car.