Car holders are one of the most popular accessories used by both professional drivers and those who regularly sit behind the wheel. Designed not only for mobile phone, tablet, navigation or music player. We have as a budget model, characterized by a good ratio of price and quality of performance as products for the more demanding users who appreciate the additional functionality. The main task of the holder is a stable position of the device and preventing a fall, even in the case of driving on rough roads.

Types of automotive car holders

The store Botland you will find a wide variety of handles that differ from each other not only in size and form, but primarily use. Our assortment includes, in particular, the magnetic holders are designed for attachment to the dashboard, and the windshield of the car can be rotated 360 degrees. A wide range of motion ensures comfortable use in all conditions. In addition, we also offer car holders for your smartphone for mounting on the ventilation grille. Furthermore, the low weight of this product in combination with the small size, and in no way limit the functionality of the air flow. The model is designed for both phone and tablet, they have adjustable distance, in a wide range, thereby accurately suited for a particular device is not a problem. In our store you will find a handle equipped with a long arm is particularly recommended for vehicles where the distance from the glass to the driver big. The use of a reliable suction Cup that makes mounting and Dismounting the holder takes just a few seconds, which is especially important when you often make short cuts.

Car holders with additional functionality

In this category are also available handles with charger wireless network, which is extremely useful not only for long but also short-haul routes. In addition, the automatic adjustment of gauge for your phone or tablet that makes the pen that we offer enable us to satisfy the needs of even the most demanding users. Moreover, some models of handles available in our store, you can replace the Handsfree, the built-in transmiterowi. Another interesting feature of this type of products is the possibility of wireless music streaming to the audio system in the car via Bluetooth.

Key benefits of grips

Robust mount suitable for the device, improves the safety while driving. The driver has, for sure, for example, the navigation will not drop out in the least appropriate moment, and particularly when it is most needed. In addition, holders for phone and tablet protects valuable electronic devices, which often have a very low resistance to mechanical damage. Moreover, a positive effect on ride comfort, even in the case of very long routes.